Increased cholesterol

Quite contrary to popular perception, wrong eating habit is not the only reason for the increasing cholesterol readings. Several other causes can pave the way to cholesterol woes.

The first and foremost thing that results in increased cholesterol readings is genetics or family history. Your genes may greatly ascertain the production of cholesterol in the body. Quite surprisingly, your body may produce a high amount of cholesterol, even though you eat healthily and keep calorie-packed food items away.

Yet another factor that influences the cholesterol levels is gender. Usually, girls in the younger age group have lower cholesterol levels as compared with their male counterparts. However, after menopause, it is girls who tend to have higher cholesterol levels.

Taking steroids too makes to the list of factors for elevated cholesterol. Consumption of steroids has a two-way disadvantage. On one hand, it improves the percentage of LDL, better called bad cholesterol. On the other hand, it decreases the amount of HDL which is good for the body. The net result is an unwanted increase in cholesterol levels. No wonder, anabolic steroids are illegal.

Stress is another big reason. It’s been proved by several pieces of research that high stress could lead to elevated cholesterol levels. So, try to keep stress under control by practising relaxation tips like meditation and deep breathing.
Cigarette smoking is injurious to health and is unsafe for your cholesterol levels too. Smoking lowers your HDL levels while increasing the LDL levels simultaneously. Hence, it’s recommended that you give up the habit at once. It may be a little hard but with a little patience and some effort, you can pull through for sure.

Frequently, cholesterol readings continue to soar high, despite following a healthy dietary routine. However, you need not worry. Merely follow a healthy dietary routine paired with some workout and watch your cholesterol readings come under control. A simple brisk walk or walking some steps extra by parking your new car at a little distance could work wonders for both – your cholesterol readings and total health.

So, now that you’re well aware of all the factors besides food that may trigger cholesterol woes, you’re in a better position to keep cholesterol away.