Though The Pandemic Can Make It More Difficult To Live Healthy Lifestyle, Doctors Say It’s More Important Than Ever – CBS Baltimore

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The New Year is traditionally a time when people start to try living a new healthy lifestyle. In the middle of a pandemic, doctors say that’s more important than ever.

Molly Bell is taking advantage of the warmer than average January temperatures.

“Staying sane, trying to find a little fresh air, a little exercise,” Bell said.

Something doctors said we all should be doing as we find ourselves stuck at home.

“The quarantine 15 is not a joke. It’s very, very real,” said Dr. Elizabeth Dovec.

Dr. Dovec is the director of Greater Baltimore Medical Center’s comprehensive obesity management program. She said the coronavirus is even more of a reason to get your health and weigh under control.

“If you do get the virus you’ll have a better outcome with the virus, you’ll have a faster and easier recovery without the necessity of hospitalization for other respiratory support and that sort of thing,” Dr. Dovec said.

But living a healthier lifestyle can be easier said than done, and the ever-changing world of fad diets and workouts only adds to the confusion.

“There is a lot of misinformation out there online which makes it difficult to know what to follow and some of the things out there are dangerous,” she said.

Dr. Dovec said it’s about starting healthy habits like eating three meals a day that are” high in protein.

“When you skip breakfast and lunch it’s going to make you crave things that are higher energy source which are higher in glucose and higher in sugar which is the reason we gain weight,” she said.

Exercise is also important, and finding the right activity is key to sticking with it.

“Right now with the gyms, I understand that a lot of people are still anxious but as you can hopefully you can just look at things online, do a virtual class. Take a walk with a friend just do something creative that you will actually enjoy and hopefully stick with,” Dr. Dovec said.

Experts said the hardest part of starting a healthy lifestyle is getting the ball rolling. So, find an activity you like, do some meal prepping and get going.