Tyler Manion Talks About Last Season and What’s New for Bodybuilding in 2021 – Muscle & Fitness

At age 26, Tyler Manion is already putting his touch into reshaping bodybuilding. Or at least adding a tweak or two. Calling via Zoom from Pittsburgh, the IFBB and NPC vice president was this week’s guest on Monday Night Muscle. Manion gave hosts Bob Cicherillo and Shawn Ray a recap of a crazy 2020 bodybuilding season and the new changes he has in store for 2021.

Recapping his second year running the IFBB

It was a crazy, crazy year. Once the Tampa Pro started in August, we were rockin’ and rollin’ every single weekend with a ton of shows going on. The bodybuilding community, the competitors, they came out and they packed the shows. Everything was amazing.

On implementing a new universal scoring system for 2021

[It’s] going to be an amazing addition to everybody—the show promoters to the athletes because they’re going to be able to do everything on one site. There should be no more mix-ups with posing music, mix-ups with numbers, with anything. Shows should run seamlessly now. It’s gonna help promoters run their shows much more efficiently.

On future changes within the IFBB

Division-wise, we’re not adding any new ones anytime soon—wellness was the latest one. That’s gonna be it for the foreseeable future. [As far as] changes to anything regarding shows and show format, I don’t know if there’s too much of that for the upcoming year, but I always like to say, whenever someone has an idea, my line is always open.

On bringing back the Masters Olympia

We gotta make sure we have the support and that the athletes are gonna come out and compete. So if we build this up … we want the quality to be there.