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  • Happy birthday, Shahid Kapoor: From giving up on these 2 food items completely to sticking to these habits for a healthier lifestyle, here’s what credits the vegan Kabir Singh star’s eye-popping athletic physique

By Zarafshan Shiraz

UPDATED ON FEB 25, 2021 08:28 AM IST

His evolution from Ishq Vishq to Kabir Singh or from comedy to romance and action has only given more reasons to fans to continue swooning over Bollywood’s chocolatey boy Shahid Kapoor who is now a handsome father of two. Between juggling dotting dad’s responsibilities to box-office record breaking films in his kitty, the hunk never misses out on prioritising health and his social media pictures flaunting his rock fit and fabulous body are enough to back our claim.

The actor has often set fans on frenzy by giving a sneak peek into his gym sessions or post cycling look when not dropping mirror selfies of his six-pack abs or ripped arm muscles. From giving up on two food items completely to sticking to some healthy habits for a fitter lifestyle, here’s what credits the vegan Kabir Singh star’s eye-popping athletic physique:

1. Shahid Kapoor does not count himself in the list of people who consume meat and seafood in order to gain a better physique. He turned vegetarian over a decade ago after reading the book ‘Life Is Fair by Brian Hines’ gifted to him by his father, Pankaj Kapoor. Pankaj is a practicing Radha Soami who are people standing against animal-cruelty as they are ardent believers of vegetarianism.

2. Having remained a vegetarian for the longest time, the Jersey actor turned vegan eventually.

3. After turning vegan a few years back, Shahid gave up on milk products and gluten as milk and yogurt contain some amount of sugar in them while gluten-free lifestyle not only promises better digestive health but also added perks of improving cholesterol and energy levels.

4. For a vegetarian like Shahid, a plant-based diet was sure to appeal and him turning vegan came as a shock to no one. From being a fan of Simon J Hill and his Plant Proof™ Instagram account to launching his own fitness app V-Fit and turning an entrepreneur, Shahid only took his fondness for a healthier lifestyle higher.

5. After playing the character of Kabir Singh who has severe anger management problems and abuses drugs and alcohol, it would be hard to believe that Shahid keeps up away from smoking and drinking but that’s how he is in real life. In an interview with GQ last year, Shahid had shared, “I don’t drink. I smoke occasionally. I consider myself a non-smoker, but I go through phases of smoking.”

Shahid’s current diet comprises protein-rich fruits and vegetables and we hope that his dedication for fitness and healthy eating habits continue to inspire fans in the years to come. Here’s wishing Shahid Kapoor a very happy 40th birthday, in tow with towering box office successes!

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