Nutrition course offers the guide to a healthy lifestyle – Inside NoVA

The Powell Wellness Center is offering a guiding hand on the path to a healthy lifestyle and diet through a comprehensive six-week online nutrition program. Integrative dietitian nutritionist Jena Savadsky Griffith at Powell Wellness Center in Culpeper will host a 6-week online nutrition program that is open to everyone.

Griffith will oversee the Nutrition RX program, which will be held 5 p.m. every Tuesday from March 16-April 20. Participants will learn what foods and lifestyle practices offer the most nourishment and optimum energy so their body can release unwanted pounds. 

As the coronavirus affects individuals with chronic health conditions, Griffith explained that “this is the time to get healthy.” For anyone who does not think they have time to change their habits, she has seen people morph their lifestyles within two weeks. 

Griffith explained that studies have shown eating habits have become 30% worse during the pandemic. When some restaurants closed, she noted that fast food remained available, which was unfortunate as “taste buds had already been hijacked by processed food manufacturers.” To top it off, she noted that many people decreased time spent working out or going outside while alcohol consumption increased. 

In America, she added that 88% of individuals are metabolically unhealthy. A recent study, she added, found that the vast majority of individuals hospitalized with the coronavirus had at least two chronic health conditions. 

Griffith said the virtual program will not be dominated by boring PowerPoint presentations, but it will instead center around group discussions. She explained that the course is meant to help people understand what a healthy lifestyle is and to use the lessons as a springboard to permanently change the way they eat and live. 

“I want people to understand this as a lifestyle,” she said. “This is for people ready to take control of their health.”  

Griffith explained that nutrition is not everything on the road to health, but a healthy diet of whole foods is a good foundation. A useful tip in getting started, she said, is to generally stay on the outer edges of the grocery store and rarely venture to the inner aisles. 

The class, which costs $225 to join, is an opportunity to establish healthy habits that improve wellness and resilience. Anybody can join, even after the March 16 start date, and there is a discount price for Powell Wellness Center members. Inquiries regarding the program may be addressed to Griffith at To register, contact the Powell Wellness Center at 540-445-5406.