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WOODBRIDGE, NJ / ACCESSWIRE / MARCH 11, 2021 / Mindful Muscle is a fast-rising coaching business that caters to and provides personalized fitness training programs to tons of people looking to improve not just their fitness or overall health. Mindful Muscle was founded by Robbie Burke, an American fitness consultant, personal trainer, and professional bodybuilder operating out of New Jersey.

Gone were the days when people ate and lived anyhow, the times when people consumed anything and everything they came across while paying less attention to how their body reacts to the foods they consume. Nowadays, people have become more conscious of what goes into their mouths or the activities that go on in their bodies, the exercises and the number of calories burned daily. Fitness, nutrition, and diet goals now transcend gender and what everyone wants now is to live simple and healthier without exposing themselves to any such risks. Men and women now want to have summer bodies all year round, stay in shape, and add weight only when they decide to. Mindful Muscle serves as a stop-gap between people’s body goals and the actualization of those goals.

Mindful Muscle runs on an entirely digitized platform where clients and customers can access a wide range of their services from the comfort of their homes and track their process, growth and development, all on the company’s digital platforms. The company offers a mobile application on iOS and Google PlayStore, which allows him to keep clients on their toes and make them easily committed and accountable to their training programs.

Mindful Muscle offers virtual personal coaching, which enables every customer to train at their personal pace and give them the flexibility to walk into the gym and know what to do. Coupled with pre-arranged plans that are designed in line with every client’s specific fitness goals.

As a company, in five years, Burke sees Mindful Muscle becoming the number 1 fitness company in the United States and a popular destination and recommendation for everyone who is looking for a reputable fitness company to partner with.

Also, Mindful Muscle is committed to helping people find and pursue their fitness goals through the most simple and effective health and fitness programs. At the same time, he intends to help people channel their entrepreneurial spirit towards the right endeavor. In the words of the CEO, “I’d like them to know that whatever people consider corny now will one day be what they congratulate you on in the future.” At the same time, be able to help them channel their thoughts into something productive and use it to push their entrepreneurial dreams.

Customer feedback continues to pour in in recognition of the work being put in place at Mindful Muscle. He has been described as being keenly aware of his client’s fitness levels and eager to educate, partner with, and empower each client according to their fitness needs and goals. Others describe him as the perfect fitness coach, especially for people who are new to physical fitness.

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