10 Functional Bodybuilding Exercises to Help You Look Good, Build Strength and Move Well – BOXROX

Marcus Filly does not follow the crowd. He has developed a form of training that combines Crossfit style workouts with his method of “Functional Bodybuilding”. This strengthens movement patterns, builds muscle, improves mobility and gets him ripped in the meantime!


“I’ve used the term “Functional Bodybuilding” because many of my workouts involve atypical strength and accessory lifts that focus on building certain parts of the body. There is more isolation in my training lately than during peak periods of the CrossFit Games season. The movements we are using are still quite functional and do require coordination and balance, but they are being performed slow and controlled most of the time. Developing great control and strength in slower movements has allowed my brain and body to get healthy and strong. I believe for many people this can and would be an effective way to train year round for health, fitness, and personal fulfillment! Not to mention keeping you feeling less beat up.”

Add these exercises into your training in order to target particular movements, build strength and look better.

10. KB Cross Body Split Squat

Single leg training combined with overhead stability and uneven loading from side to side. This is is a great anti rotational strengthening exercise. Loading in the Cross Body pattern will force you to fight rotation to stay vertical and properly aligned. Core activation is elevated substantially over an evenly loaded side to side Split Squat.