Blessing Awodibu: There’s A Lot Of Talented Personalities In Bodybuilding… But They Are Super Lazy –

Blessing Awodibu expresses the importance of bodybuilders bringing entertaining personality to the sport.

Blessing Awodibu is a bodybuilder with an impressive physique that many fans are expecting to see dominate the New York Pro 2021. But beyond his physique, Blessing has been well known for years due to his entertaining personality and viral internet content. Blessing is already bringing that attitude towards the lead up to the New York Pro. But he also thinks more bodybuilders need to do the same. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Blessing Awodibu explains how there are many bodybuilders with exciting personalities. They are just too lazy to bring it into the sport.

Blessing Awodibu thinks the sport of bodybuilding has one major problem. It has nothing to do with the physiques or bubble guts. Blessing thinks we have a crisis of personality in bodybuilding. More specifically, he thinks that bodybuilding has stopped being entertaining.

Of course, Blessing is not referring to the actual competitions themselves. He understands that the drama of the Olympia or Arnold Classic or any other major IFBB pro show is still there with the quality of physiques on display. The problem is everything in between. There are not enough personalities, rivalries, and hype building up into the competitions.

Blessing Awodibu is already someone who is making headlines in the industry. Not only due to his massive physique but also due to his outspoken nature leading up to the New York Pro 2021. He’s called out Nick Walker and built anticipation with a temporary rivalry between the two leading up to the show.

Beyond that, Blessing Awodibu, has been making viral content online for years. He’s been dubbed the funniest bodybuilder in the sport. During our conversation, we asked him what other bodybuilders look to be matching him in terms of entertainment and personality. Blessing had a hard time coming up with any names.

That’s the problem. For every Kai Greene or Bradley Martyn, there are dozens of other bodybuilders that simply stay quiet. What makes this most frustrating for  Blessing, is that he knows that there are tons of great bodybuilding personalities in the sport. He thinks there is a lot of talented bodybuilders who can create great hype and content. But in Blessing’s opinion – they are being lazy.

Of course, Blessing means this only on the personality or entertainment front. In fact, he points out that these pro bodybuilders are so good at training, dieting, and sculpting their physique – that they don’t make time to entertain the fans.

In Blessing Awodibu’s opinion – too many pro bodybuilders don’t think hey have enough time to do anything other than perfect their physique. But as Blessing has proved – there is enough time. Not only that, but he thinks there are many entertaining bodybuilders who could bring in more followers and more hype before competitions. If only they would put the effort in to do so.

There have been bodybuilders and experts in the past who say that a pro bodybuilder can only focus on one thing to truly be a champion. That to be successful online vs successful on the stage are two separate things. And a bodybuilder needs to decide which one they want to master.

Blessing Awodibu seems to think that might not be true. So far on the personality front – Blessing has it already mastered. We’ll have to wait and see if he can also master his physique and become a champion on the stage. Arnold Schwarzenegger was able to do it – perhaps it’s time for more to do the same.

You can watch Blessing Awodibu break down the importance of entertainment in bodybuilding by watching our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above.