George Peterson: How To Build Trust With A Bodybuilding Coach –

George Peterson talks about the importance of trust in a bodybuilding coach and how to find it.

You don’t need a bodybuilding coach to succeed in the sport. But a coach can be an invaluable asset in perfecting your body. They can be a trusted partner who can see things from a different perspective. Blind spots that you might not be aware of about your physique. There are also coaches who can not understand your body and take you in the wrong direction. Trust is key. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, George Peterson explains how to build and find trust in a bodybuilding coach.

A competitor’s relationship to their bodybuilding coach can be very delicate. It’s a strange fusion of personal relationship and business. That’s why whenever a big name bodybuilder leaves a coach, it can make headlines. There’s drama in it. There’s emotion in it. Yet it’s also fair to look at your choice in a coach as a business decision. If a coach is not working for you – it might be a good choice to jump ship.

Ultimately it all comes down to trust. A coach can be extremely talented and well educated about bodybuilding and fitness. That doesn’t mean they might be a good fit for your body and your goals. While there is no tried and true method of knowing who you can trust (in life not just in bodybuilding), a bodybuilding coach you don’t trust is not one that’s worth sticking around with.

That’s why we asked George Peterson for tips on how to pick the perfect bodybuilding coach. Peterson has been with his coach, Justin, for years. He has a strong bond with him and has found great success in his bodybuilding career. While Peterson does not have a set of rules in finding the right coach – he did emphasize just how important trust is.

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So how does George Peterson build trust with his coach? He says one key factor is finding someone who will not only tell you what is good about your physique but also what is bad. If you can find a coach that is not afraid to criticize you, then you’re on the right path to something great.

But it does take more than that. Another part of it is feeling comfortable around your coach. George Peterson considers his coach also a friend. If he were to stop bodybuilding tomorrow, he would still spend time and talk with his coach. That friendship mixed with blunt honesty about his physique built a true trusting bond.

It also makes it easier for the coach to learn and understand his body. George does warn about changing coaches too often. Every time you change your coach, the new coach has to relearn your body all over again. That takes time. That means you lose time in your progress towards success on the stage.

Just like any relationship, if you are too quick to judge, jump the gun, and bail on your partner – you might never find someone you can settle down with. Relationships take time. Some things that are out of sync to start can eventually build into something great. What’s important is to look hard and deep and see if the relationship is progressing. Is the person doing the hard work to better understand your physique? Is the coaching relationship growing each week? Perhaps it’s not perfect now – but it might be in the future if you’re seeing growth and progress.

You can watch George Peterson break down his key tips for finding and trusting a bodybuilding coach in our latest GI Exclusive interview above!