Antoine Vaillant: How To Know If You Should NOT Be A Bodybuilder –

Antoine Vaillant shares advice for those interesting in becoming a competitive bodybuilder.

Bodybuilding is the kind of sport that demands a complete lifestyle change. That’s why the decision to enter the world of bodybuilding can be a big one. While you can never truly test your mettle without going into it headfirst – the unfortunate truth is that there are some who just don’t have what it takes to succeed in the sport. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Antoine Vaillant shares advice on the early warning signs that you should not be a bodybuilder.

During our conversation with Antoine Vaillant, we asked him what kind of advice he would like to share with individuals who are interested in becoming a bodybuilder. Instead of giving advice on what to do – he took a slightly different approach to his advice. Vaillant instead focused on how to know when being a bodybuilder is not right for you.

Bodybuilding, especially pro bodybuilding, is a sport of excellence. If everyone was able to do it, there would be no intrigue in the sport. The painful fact is that only a very select few have what it takes to transform their physique to what we see on stage. So for those who are interested in becoming a bodybuilder, there is plenty of information on what you should do to succeed.

That’s why Antoine Vaillant’s advice focuses on something else entirely. He asks the person to look deep within themselves and determine if they really have what it takes. Bodybuilding isn’t something you only do sometimes. It’s not a hobby that only takes a few hours of the day in the gym. It’s a complete lifestyle change.

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Antoine Vaillant suggests that anyone who is interested in bodybuilding on a competitive level honestly answer a single question. Can the person eat like a pro bodybuilder six days a week, every week, all year? Vaillant doesn’t even full focus on training in this question. The hardest part truly is the dieting.

If a person cannot have disciple every single day. If they break even a couple weeks out of the year. Then they can’t be a successful competitive bodybuilder. If that reality doesn’t seem appealing to the person. Then perhaps it’s not worth entering the world of competitive bodybuilding.

Antoine Vaillant also brings up another harsh reality for aspiring bodybuilders – and it has everything to do with genetics. Vaillant explains that if you start your bodybuilding journey and don’t find yourself building muscle fast, then you might not have the right kind of genetics for bodybuilding.

Of course, this is under the assumption that you are training and dieting correctly. If that’s the case, and you’re having trouble putting on muscle, and then you fail miserably at your first competition – then perhaps this isn’t the sport for you.

Of course, there are exceptions. He doesn’t want to discourage people who have bad genetics from trying to succeed in the sport. But they have to be aware that it’s a much more challenging road ahead. Any person with weak genetics for bodybuilding will have to work twice as hard. They need to be mentally prepared for that. If they don’t like the idea of being at that kind of disadvantage – perhaps it’s time to hang up the towel early.

Antoine Vaillant’s words are tough love. Again, he doesn’t want to discourage someone from trying. Sometimes we can unlock things within us only after diving in head first. But it’s also important to not be delusional. You only live one life and if you success in bodybuilding is a big part in why you want to do it – you don’t want to waste years of your life only to be let down.

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