Bodybuilding Do’s and Don’ts According to the Pros – The Dubrovnik Times

When it comes to bodybuilding, most people do not know how to train properly. This leads to multiple issues both in training and recovery but a few simple steps can help you maximize your gains without compromising on any other factors. There will come a time during your training when you might feel that you are not making any progress, this is completely natural and happens with everyone.

If you follow the below-mentioned steps and avoid the pitfalls that we’ll talk about, you will be able to see the results much faster which will help you stay on track. So let’s get right into it and find out what you should and shouldn’t be doing while bodybuilding.

1. Do: Stick to the Basics

This is one of the most overlooked yet important pieces of advice for anyone who is either advanced or even a beginner bodybuilder. People oftentimes overlook the importance of basic movements like deadlifts, squats, dumbbell presses, bicep curls, etc but keep in mind that these movements form the bedrock of any good exercise regimen, and ignoring this will definitely take a hit on your training. If you devote proper time to these movements, you will see significant positive gains and even strengthen your form.

2. Don’t: Get Stuck In a Rut

This might appear counterintuitive at first if you consider the previous advice but this isn’t actually the case. You have to start out with the basics and stick to the program that you choose to see any benefits but that doesn’t mean doing the same thing for all of perpetuity. If you don’t mix it up, your muscle groups will not get a balanced and proper development which can lead to other multiple issues as well. Doing the same thing over and over again is also extremely boring and it will lead you to a plateau where you won’t make any new progress after a certain point in time.

3. Do: Take Quality Supplements

It’s common knowledge amongst bodybuilders and all other fitness enthusiasts that taking supplements is vital for proper growth and recovery. If you don’t take supplements then you can still consume all the micros and macros your body needs from other options but it will require you to eat huge quantities of food which might be difficult. The supplements found at Wilson Supplements can give you insight into what kind of ingredients are the most effective when it comes to working out. But you need to be careful with supplements as many brands add adulterants and even additives like steroids. Choosing a good brand will go a long way in ensuring good health for you.

4. Don’t: Substitute Healthy Foods With Supplements

You can take any supplement you want and however many you want but this will not change the fact that you need to consume healthy foods too. If you’re not eating healthy options like vegetables, fruits, oats, whole flour, etc. then you are not going to be in good health for a long time. Supplements are meant to supplement your already existing diet but if your foundation is flawed itself, supplements will not be able to help. So keep a nice balance between the two in order to achieve maximum growth.

5. Do: Recover

Most people, including the seasoned veterans of bodybuilding sometimes have a misconception that the more they exercise, the more they will grow. While this is true to a certain level and there’s no substitute for muscle tears but it’s not all that makes your muscles grow big. Recovery plays a central role in your growth. If you don’t allow your body enough time to heal and recover then you will risk injuries to yourself and even your performance will be suboptimal which will lead to slower gains.

6. Don’t: Skip Warm-up

This is by far the biggest mistake made by almost all bodybuilders. Most people are so amped up about jumping into the workout and getting shredded and pumped that they skip warm-ups. A proper 10-minute warm-up doesn’t take much time and it provides you with more benefits than anything else that you could do. Properly warming and loosening your muscles makes sure that you’re not prone to an injury that could put you out of service for a long time. Getting injured will be a much larger waste of time than a 10-minute routine would cost you every day.

7. Do: Follow a Program

One of the most critical steps in ensuring your bodybuilding success is the right program. If you stick to a program then much of your work about thinking about what to do next will be reduced. You can just hit the weights without giving much thought and execute your program. A solid program will also focus on the right muscle groups which you might otherwise miss out. When you plateau, it is the program that will keep you going and help you overcome the rut. A program is vital for your success and investing in one or getting one for free online might be the best decision you’ll ever make.

These were just a few steps that you can follow and some of the pitfalls that you have to avoid at all costs if you want to be successful as a bodybuilder. The journey might be a long one and even a difficult one as well, but in the end, when you witness the results you’ll know it’s totally worth the effort. Just keep following the basics and stick to them, especially when the times get tough. Bodybuilding is all about patience and persevering in the face of insurmountable odds, once you’re able to hold your ground you’ll realize that you know what works best for your body. You’ll easily be able to customize your training regimen as per your body needs after you accumulate enough experience and knowledge, but make sure these good practices are a part of your routine so as to expedite your progress.