Price Is Leading Barrier Preventing A Healthy Lifestyle Among Consumers –

According to the 2021 AlixPartners Health and Wellness Survey, almost half (49%) of consumers across six major markets around the world believe that a healthy lifestyle has become more important over the past year, versus the 2% who believe that it hasn’t. Yet, in spite of this shift, healthy food and non-food products are only occupying, on average, 21% of consumers’ wallets across all product categories.
Meanwhile, 46% of US consumers believe that a healthy lifestyle has become more important, versus 2% as well who believe that it hasn’t, finds AlixPartners. 
The primary barriers preventing consumers around the globe from purchasing healthier food and non-food products are price—chosen by 35% of consumers internationally, including 40% in the US, as a barrier to purchase from 12 possible barriers. Additional reason include a lack of clarity around whether a product is healthy (chosen by 22% and 19%, respectively), a lack of availability in stores (21% and 19%, respectively) and products not tasting good or working well (14% and 16%, respectively). 
“Consumers have a good understanding of what it takes to be healthy and a strong desire to embrace a healthier lifestyle. But with many still viewing health-and-wellness products as niche, it is clear that there is some way to go before we see them occupying their rightful share of consumers’ wallets,” said David Garfield, global leader of the consumer products practice at AlixPartners.
“It is time for brands to move past educating consumers on healthy living and to instead help them to achieve their goals. Demand for healthier products is now so high that, if they’re not doing so already, consumer-products companies need to be making health and wellness a core part of their customer proposition,” Garfield added.


“Brands that thrive will be those who dedicate significant resources to making this shift, with a clear focus on driving innovation and value, and with a transparent and authentic approach to health-and-wellness issues. Consumers are increasingly alert to ‘health-washing’ and expect to be able to buy products that have it all.”   
The AlixPartners 2021 Health and Wellness Survey was conducted April 15 – May 4, 2021 and polled 6,064 consumers, aged 18 and above, across China, France, Germany, Italy, the UK, and the US, with over 1,000 consumers having been surveyed in each market. The survey’s findings are based on nationally representative samples for each market.