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YouTuber and bodybuilder Jujumufu (a.k.a. Jon Call) likes to have fun with mixing up his workout and diet. To help fuel his gains, he’s previously tried The Rock’s infamous cod diet, and in his latest YouTube video, he challenged himself to find fuel with a tight budget.

As the video begins, Juji hits Harris Teeter grocery store with fellow bodybuilder Eric Bugenhagen—and the two have just $50 to see how much they can stock up on for a week with various muscle-building foods. With that goal in mind, the swole duo heads into the store to start their shopping.

First they hit the bread aisle, picking up loaves of breads and bagels and comparing calories for price. Bugenhagen nixes it, calling “too processed.” Next, they hit the beverage aisle, and Bugenhagen picks up a bottle of prune juice. “This is nutritionally dense. There’s fiber, protein, some amino acids with some sugars,” Bugenhagen says. But it’s $6, and the guys discuss how it might ‘deplete them’ in the long run (with, ahem, trips to the bathroom). So they skip the prune juice.

Next, they contemplate a pack of tortillas, and although they pack plenty of carbs and calories per serving, Bugenhagen says he prefers a bagel when it comes to bulking. They also see popcorn kernels—another ‘bulk’ diet food for Bugenhagen, but they skip them.

The first item that finally makes it in the shopping cart is a bag of sourdough pretzels, which according to Bugenhagen can pack as much as 1,760 calories per bag, which is nearly “a day of food.” Or as Bugenhagen says, “Carbs are protein sparing. You want calories, right?” He snags 14 bags in his cart.

Next, they visit the baking aisle for oil, and Bugenhagen springs for a bottle of organic MCT oil. After noting the price, however, he puts it down in place of coconut oil (which contains MCT’s.) “Instant energy,” he says. At last, they hit the peanut butter aisle—for just $9, a jar of organic peanut butter packs a whopping 6,650 calories.

Juji notes that his macros are spread between carbs, protein and fat. “It’s a complete meal,” says Bugenhagen. “This is the ultimate diet. I’m not even kidding. We don’t even need to coconut oil.” (He puts it back on the shelf.) “You’re going to get jacked, shredded, super strong…so now you can get something you want, not that you need.”

After debating maple syrup and beans, he settles on organic garlic. (Yes, garlic.) “Vasodilation, micronutrients, lower blood pressure and improves cholesterol profile…” Bugenhagen says. With just a few dollars left, Bugenhagen decides to grab a second jar of peanut butter, naturally.

The grand total? $47.15, for about 10,000 calories a day. Mission accomplished.

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