‘We win together’: Local couple become pro bodybuilders – WRDW-TV

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) – Compete together, win together, and now they call themselves pros. Take a look at this local couple making strides in the world of bodybuilding. Both just recently competed in a national competition in Charleston and came out on top earning their pro-cards. That means they’re officially professional bodybuilders.

Korrey and Kiah Tiller just hit a huge milestone together and placed first in a national bodybuilding competition competing against men and women from all over the U.S.

“This was a moment where I was like you know what I did all I could do. I felt great, I looked great and so when they called my name I was like it finally happened. I was very excited,” said Kiah.

The pressure was now on for Korrey competing in the men’s competition.

“There was actually a song that I kept playing over and over and it said it’s my time now it’s my season and I played that thing like 19 times over and over and they called my name and I got it,” said Korrey.

Both Kiah and Korrey got into body building about eight years ago. They say they were always athletic and this is another way to stay active and competitive. Kiah says her growth keeps her motivated.

“I think just seeing the constant change throughout the years of just how the body evolves, you can change it to how you want to, and I think it’s the daily grind of coming to the gym being disciplined with the diet, and then I have Korrey on my side with the accountability that makes a huge difference,” she said.

And being each other’s accountability partner when it comes to working out and maintaining strict diets is something they say is very needed.

“You have those lows where you’re tired and like I don’t want to go the gym, I don’t want eat this, I want a hamburger. On days when she is like this, I’m like let’s go and same thing here, if I get extra almonds she’s knocking them out of my hand or rice cakes, she’s knocking them out of my hands,” said Korrey.

Korrey says having each other throughout the whole process makes a huge difference.

“You have someone on your team to help push you and that wants the same goal as you, and that’s how you do it. Grind in the gym together and we win together, ever since we started,” he said.

Kiah is getting ready for a pro debut at the end of this year where she’ll compete with other professionals around the world. The couple says if you’re interested in body building when it comes to what you eat and how you work out consistency is the key.

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