Furjan Parks to further encourage healthy lifestyle – Doha – Gulf Times

Eng. Amna al-Bader, Secretary of the Committee, said the design and implementation of the public parks comes within our Strategic Plan that aims to humanise cities and change a car-centric culture to a pedestrian and cyclist-friendly culture. The Committee’s plan also aims to create recreational spaces and plazas that contribute to encouraging families to lead a healthy lifestyle and practice sports from nearby enjoyable destinations just outside there closed doors. Thus, the Supervisory Committee of Beautification of Roads and Public Places in Qatar is working in cooperation with the Ministry of Municipality and Environment, on the design and implementation of large green spaces such as central parks that serve tourists and visitors across the country. The strategic plan also includes implementing small green spaces such as Al Furjan Parks that serve residents of specific neighbourhoods, in addition to creating green plazas implemented in various locations to help protect the environment.

Eng. Amna, Eng. Amna al-Bader, Secretary of the Committee, that it’s planned to deliver a park for every area across Qatar to be a breather for many residential neighborhoods in Qatar. The parks are designed close to houses with easy access for pedestrians and cyclists while encouraging the local residents to visit them regularly and spend quality time in a healthy and safe environment, which enhances social gathering and communication.
It’s worth noting that the Supervisory Committee has previously implemented many central parks and plazas including 5/6 Park, Al Daayen Park, Al Shura Plaza, Post Office Plaza and other projects that contribute to enhancing the aesthetic appearance of the cities. These projects are also key factors in improving climate and preserving the environment. They also contribute to enhancing the community lifestyle, encouraging them to follow a healthy lifestyle and practice sports, especially considering the Covid-19 pandemic that highlighted the urgent need for such recreational destinations.