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Pregnant women must remain mindful of COVID-19 exposure  

The key to a safe, successful pregnancy became somewhat complicated in the era of COVID-19, particularly with the recent surge.

“There is no doubt that the path to maintaining a successful pregnancy is pretty straight forward,” said Delisa Skeete Henry, M.D., obstetricianand gynecologist at Broward Health. “Unfortunately, because of COVID-19, pregnant women must be more vigilant about their health and that of their unborn babies, particularly if they are unvaccinated.”

Dr. Skeete Henry recommends a variety of tactics to promote a healthy lifestyle. She advises pregnant women to:

  • stay on track with scheduled doctor’s appointments and routine exams.
  • maintain a healthy diet.
  • stay hydrated with plenty of water.
  • take pre-natal vitamins, Vitamin D and Zinc to boost immune system.
  • get enough sleep.
  • refrain from smoking and consuming alcohol.
  • monitor weight gain, with physician supervision, as significant weight gain can lead to complications. 
  • remain active and walk or exercise.
  • if unvaccinated, wear a mask, social distance, limit family gatherings and isolate whenever possible.
  • get all necessary vaccines, including for COVID-19, per physician directions.

Pregnancy is considered a high-risk COVID-19 factor. When COVID-19 effects the lungs, a person’s health deteriorates quickly, which is magnified in pregnant women. COVID-19 complications can continue for new moms even after childbirth. A new mother’s ability to breathe on her own can deteriorate dramatically after giving birth. If she has to be moved to the ICU and intubated with a ventilator, she will not be able to hold or see her newborn for weeks.

“If you are pregnant, you must take extra special care of yourself and your unborn baby and that starts with keeping your doctor appointments and following the doctor’s recommendations,” said Dr. Skeete Henry. “Staying healthy is the key to a happy, full-term pregnancy.”

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