Inventium founder Amantha Imber finds her power in bodybuilding – The Australian Financial Review

Do you mix it up with aerobic exercise?
I do a little cardio – specifically on CAROL, which is an AI-powered bike. It has protocols for reduced-exertion high-intensity training, and I’ve been a huge fan of the company for several years. It’s the most time-efficient way I have found to improve cardio fitness.

The heaviest weight you lift in training?
I can squat and deadlift about 50 kilograms.

Describe a training session.
I do two predominantly lower-body days with my trainer. We do very heavy hack squats, leg presses and other exercises where we work up gradually to one really hard set of each of the main exercises. I then do two predominantly upper-body days in my home gym, where I might do bench press, some back exercises and shoulder exercises.

Amantha Imber: “I feel fitter and stronger than I have ever felt.” 

What benefits does bodybuilding bring?
Even though I am 43, I feel fitter and stronger than I have ever felt in my life.

Do you have a special diet?
Nope. I just make sure I eat a fair bit of protein to help with muscle recovery.

Your view on anabolic steroids?
Definitely not for me.

Ever suffered a serious injury from bodybuilding?
No, I haven’t. Touch wood.


Do people compliment you on your physique?
I do get a few comments, especially about my arms – I guess they are quite toned.

Love most about bodybuilding?
Feeling strong and powerful, and the feeling of progress through lifting heavier weights.

Dislike about bodybuilding?
Nothing comes to mind.

Tips for people wanting to get into bodybuilding?
By far the most important thing is to find a great trainer, someone who is super knowledgeable and passionate about staying on top of the latest research.