Samson Dauda Wins the 2021 Prague Pro Bodybuilding Show – BarBend

After entering four bodybuilding contests in five weeks, Samson Dauda has finally earned his first professional victory. The British bodybuilder won the Prague Pro on Nov. 6, 2021, in Prague, Czech Republic. With this win, Dauda is now qualified for the 2022 Mr. Olympia, his first time competing on bodybuilding’s biggest stage. 

Rafael Brandao came in second place, and Regan Grimes finished in third. Both De Asha and Grimes earn qualifying points, but since they’ve already qualified for the 2022 Mr. O, their points do not go to other competitors. The top 10 finishes for this contest are below.

Men’s Open Top 10

  1. Samson Dauda — $10,000
  2. Rafael Brandao — $4,000, 4 points
  3. Regan Grimes — $3,000, 3 points
  4. Nathan De Asha — 2 points
  5. Roelly Winklaar — 1 point
  6. Jan Turek
  7. Emir Omeragic
  8. Jesus Martin Hernandez
  9. Pavel Beran
  10. Kevin Gebhardt

First Place — Samson Dauda

The “Nigerian Lion” finally nailed his peak perfectly. Dauda stepped on stage shredded from top to bottom, with full muscles bellies. As he flowed through his posing routine, Dauda appeared confident and strong. The British bodybuilder earned first place in both rounds of competition.

He led the Olympia Qualification Series points going into the contest, but Dauda is now off from the current list. He is the second British Men’s Open competitor to be added to the 2022 Olympia lineup. Nathan De Asha has also qualified thanks to his Arnold Classic UK victory in October of 2021.

Second Place — Rafael Brandao

The Prague Pro marks Brandao’s first appearance since the 2020 Europa Pro Championships, where he placed third. He took part of his time away from the stage to work under the guidance of seven-time Olympia 212 Champion Flex Lewis

Brandao was actually in third place behind Grimes after prejudging. However, he showed up to the Finals looking sharper (due to a lack of water between the skin and the muscles). Even though he wasn’t victorious, Brandao earned four points in the Olympia qualification system, so he’s a bit closer to appearing on the O stage in 2022.

Third Place — Regan Grimes

Grimes had a lot of momentum going into this contest thanks to his victory at the KO Pro in Cairo, Egypt, on Oct. 31, 2021. The Canadian appeared a tad bigger in this contest, but he was sweating during prejudging and the finals.

Brandao’s improvements between rounds made between the two rounds helped him move past Grimes for the runner-up spot. This was Grimes’ fourth contest in a month. There is no word on whether he will compete in future contests or shut down his season to focus on the 2022 Olympia.

Other Division Winners

This show featured five other pro divisions, and all the winners earned 2022 Olympia qualifications. The rest of the top five earned Tier 4 Olympia Qualification Series points. 

212 Division 

  1. Ahmad Ashkanani — $4,000
  2. Oleh Kryvyi — $1,500, 4 points
  3. Radoslav Angelov — $1,000, 3 points
  4. Abdulrahman Al Khashti — 2 points
  5. Peter Kovac — 1 point

Classic Physique

  1. Ruben Lopez Reyes — $4,000
  2. Hubert Kulczynski — $1,500, 4 points
  3. Jesus Rodriguez Sendra — $1,000, 3 points
  4. Roberto Martinez Pizana — 2 points
  5. Pavel Szotkowski — 1 point

Men’s Physique 

  1. Balint Nemeth — $2,000
  2. Emile Walker — $1,500, 4 points
  3. Jeffrey Darko — $1,000, 3 points
  4. Anton Antipov — 2 points
  5. Dawid Wachelka — 1 point


  1. Tereza Linhartova — $2,000
  2. Jennifer Zienart — $1,500, 4 points
  3. Anna Gasior — $1,000, 3 points
  4. Veronica Gallego Garcia — 2 points
  5. Gabriela Linhartova — 1 point


  1. Alison Testu — $2,000
  2. Stine Hansen — $1,500, 4 points
  3. Wiktoria Gasior — $1,000, 3 points
  4. Ana Maria Vintu — 2 points
  5. Evita Breide — 1 point

Featured Image: ifbpro_samsondauda on Instagram