Williston wins big at NPC Upper Midwest Bodybuilding Competition – Williston Daily Herald

Competitive bodybuilding is a 24 hour lifestyle.

It takes extreme commitment and tests every aspect of a person’s resolve, both mentally and physically. The Williston locals who participated in the NPC Upper Midwest bodybuilding competition brought everything they had and swept the board.

Kimmi Gardner was of particular note with her monumental wellness award. Having started only 2 years ago, Gardner has shown an instant talent for bodybuilding and a commitment that gives her gym peers a run for their money. She is looking forward to competing on the national level later next year.

“This is harder than an outsider looking in will ever know. It’s 12 to 16 weeks of ‘groundhog day’. No missed meals, no sugar, no cheats, no missed workouts or skipped cardio. The finished product presented on stage shows who did the work and who had the discipline. Our people did!” Team leader Dax Hubbard said of the team.