HydroJug Launches Partnership With Bodybuilding.com – Retail Dive

OGDEN, Utah —

HydroJug has just announced a brand partnership with Bodybuilding.com. The viral half gallon water bottle will now be sold on Bodybuilding.com. The HydroJug will be the exclusive half gallon water bottle sold with the brand, marking the first major retailer expansion. 

“We want to fulfill all of our core customers’ needs. Supplements are a critical part of the fitness journey, but there is more to it. Science says that hydration is essential to success in fitness and health goals. That’s why we are excited to partner with HydroJug, which will make your hydration easier and more sustainable, and therefore nail one of the pillars of your fitness journey” -Jeff Csuy, Chief Merchandising Officer

HydroJug has been working hard to expand their products into the wholesale market. This year the brand’s wholesale department has grown by 1,100%. HydroJug can now be found in 30+ major brick and mortar retailers as well as 50+ ecommerce brands. These successes over the past year have contributed greatly to the unprecedented growth that the brand has had, and retailers are coming back time and again to resign with the brand. 

“We’re excited to partner with Bodybuilding.com because of their credibility within the health and fitness industry. They are a great fit for us because both of our brands have a heavy emphasis on helping individuals live healthier lives. This partnership has allowed us to reach new customers and expand our brand.”- Gabe Tuckett Head of Sales


About HydroJug

HydroJug was created to make it easy and convenient for individuals to drink more water and reach their hydration goals. It’s an environmentally friendly choice, reducing single-use plastic water bottle consumption. With colorful options, it’s easy to customize your own reusable HydroJug to fit your personal style.

About Bodybuilding.com

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