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The final men’s Open show for 2021 was held on Sunday, Dec. 5, 2021. The Toronto Pro was the last chance for bodybuilders to earn qualifications for the 2022 Olympia. Joel Thomas left the Delta Hotel in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, with his first professional victory and qualification for the 2022 Olympia. The order of finish for the eight men in this contest is listed below:

2021 Toronto Bodybuilding Pro Results

  1. Joel Thomas
  2. Quinton Eriya
  3. Joseph Seeman
  4. Eiren Gauley
  5. Stan de Longeaux
  6. Carlos Longoria
  7. Victor Joel Rea Cano
  8. Hassan Jama
  9. Khaled Al Kazem*

*Al Kazem was unable to compete.

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Winner — Joel Thomas

The Toronto Pro was considered by many to be the best Thomas has ever looked. He looked much better here than at the Tampa Pro, where he placed seventh. Despite being one of the shorter men in the lineup, his density and fullness were the keys to his victory in Toronto. He never relinquished his spot once he moved to the middle of the callouts. As a result, his name will now be added to the list of those qualified for the 2022 Mr. Olympia.

2nd Place — Quinton Eriya

Eriya was Canada’s highest finisher, competing in his home province. In November, he scored a fifth-place finish at the 2021 Romania Muscle Fest — his highest placing before this contest. His package at the Toronto Pro was the best he ever looked, but the muscle maturity that Thomas displayed may have been the key to his victory. The judges had him solidly in second place, meaning Thomas won with straight first-place votes. At 22 years of age, the key to Eriya’s success may be more time and experience. His structure and symmetry are both tremendous assets.

3rd Place — Joseph Seeman

Seeman’s quads were very impressive at this show. They were full and striated, but they overpowered his calves. He looked very impressive in back poses such as the back double biceps. He displayed great confidence, but the top two were too much for him to overcome. His potential is obvious, and it would be no surprise to see the Ottawa native take a victory in 2022.

Other Divisions

Ten other divisions were featured at the Toronto Pro. All winners receive an invite to compete in the 2022 Olympia while the second through fifth-place finishers received Tier 2 points in the Olympia Qualification Series:

  • Second place — Eight points
  • Third place — Seven points
  • Fourth place — Six points
  • Fifth place — Five points

The top five for the other divisions are listed below:

212 Division

  1. Douglas Connor
  2. Adolphus Quoida
  3. David Henry
  4. Stephen Didoshak
  5. Murat Gonul

Classic Physique

  1. Anthony Casado
  2. Romain Ramassamy
  3. Ramone Haye
  4. Blake Course
  5. Duqann Hinton

Men’s Physique

  1. Davide Mazzolari
  2. Sharif Reid
  3. Ikenna Amaliri
  4. Evan Kanu
  5. Charles Paquette

Women’s Open

  1. MayLa Ash
  2. Lisa Kudrey
  3. Michelle Jin
  4. Tananarive Huie

Women’s Physique

  1. Ivie Rhein
  2. Alexis Sullivan
  3. Lisa McLean
  4. Maria Redman
  5. Eve Gagnon


  1. Andrea Glass
  2. Abby Bolton
  3. Daniella DaCosta
  4. Carina Harkelorad
  5. Terra Plum


  1. Angelita Lopez
  2. Maryam Bamdad
  3. Katerina Aniano
  4. Tereza Linhartova
  5. Her Eun


  1. Danielle Phelps
  2. Adair Libbrecht
  3. Karen Wall
  4. Diane Brunet
  5. Laura Ziv


  1. Kassandra Gillis
  2. Celeste Morales
  3. Emily Azzarello
  4. Alexis Rosalia
  5. Brooke Donnelly

A Wheelchair division lineup was not released due to no registered competitors. Canada’s Tory Jones was in attendance and given the victory unopposed.

Featured Image: @joelthomas_ifbbpro on Instagram