Lukas Osladil Shares The Most Influential Bodybuilders That Modeled His Physique –

The most influential bodybuilders that helped shape Lukas Osladil’s physique.

Lukas Osladil is a bodybuilder with an incredible physique that has been competing as a pro since 2011. Beyond being pro, he’s been focusing on bodybuilding since he was 10 years old. Now Osladil is primed to be a true threat in the coming years of the sport. While there is a lot for Osladil to look forward towards – he is also looking back at the athletes who helped shape his physique. In our latest GI Exclusive, Lukas Osladil details the most influential bodybuilders that inspired his bodybuilding career.

Lukas Osladil might not be a household name yet – but his physique is starting to get noticed by many fans as he slowly rises through the ranks of pro bodybuilding. As we continue to move through a transitional passing of the guard between generations – Osladil is a name that stands out and will likely continue to place high in more and more competitions within the coming years.

That’s why during our latest video conversation, we wanted to dig deeper into his influences that shaped Osladil into the kind of bodybuilder we see on stage today. Less a list of the best bodybuilders of all time – and more a list of the specific pro bodybuilders that influenced the kind of physique Osladil wanted to create on his own body.

While not extremely surprising, first and foremost Lukas Osladil was most inspired by Arnold Schwarzenegger. In fact, he is still continually inspired by Schwarzenegger to this day. Perhaps no longer for his physique – but for the kind of brand and career he made for himself using bodybuilding. But Schwarzenegger will be the only name from the Golden Era on Osladil’s list.

In fact, Osladil goes on to say that the 90s was the best era of pro bodybuilding. Typically known by many fans today as the second Golden Era, Osladil mentions Flex Wheeler, Shawn Ray, and Kevin Levrone as big influences on his journey through bodybuilding. He details how he would read through bodybuilding magazines every single day to absorb as much information and motivation as possible.

These influences would prove paramount to Lukas Osladil turning pro. He had no trainer to work with for the entirety of his amateur career. Osladil mentions he always wanted a coach to confer with – but if he waited to find a suitable trainer, he would have never gotten started. So he took matters into his own hands, using magazines and pure passion, and sculpted his own physique using his own methods. It wasn’t until after going pro that he finally landed a coach to help him further improve.

It would seem that Lukas Osladil’s inspirations were so influential that it gave him the courage to jump into bodybuilding despite conditions not being perfect. This is a good lesson for aspiring bodybuilders. If you wait for the perfect moment to start – you might not ever really get going and miss your opportunity. Take matters into your own hands, use trial and error alongside research to forge your own path.

You can watch Lukas Osladil talk in more detail about his bodybuilding influences in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above!