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How a healthy lifestyle can preserve your oral health


Oral health is one of the most underrated health sections of the body, and there are several reasons for this. While some people do not know what it takes to maintain perfect oral health, others are yet to come to terms with how important the oral system is to the entire body and why it requires regular attention. Nevertheless, the oral system remains very relevant as far as general body health is concerned. Perhaps most have discovered this secret, which is why more young and older people are becoming very deliberate about maintaining good oral health.

Yes, most individuals have become intentional about maintaining good oral health by taking care of their oral system regularly. Yet a high percentage of these people do not fully understand the maintenance process or how to clean their teeth correctly.

Maintaining good oral health goes beyond brushing teeth twice daily. Of course, the importance of brushing one’s teeth every morning and evening can not be stated enough, but preserving oral health requires several other deliberate actions. Dr Hashimi at the Altima Cambridge Dental Center advises that while cleaning teeth regularly is good, it is equally essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle as it can help oral health too. In this article, the relationship between lifestyle and oral health and how one can actively affect the other is further explained. Read on for more exciting information.

What does oral health mean?

Understanding the meaning of oral health can help in knowing how to go about its maintenance the correct way. Oral health refers to the general health condition of the mouth and all its constituents, and a healthy oral system is crucial to the entire body’s wellbeing. The oral system is linked with the cardiovascular system, and poor oral health can cause several complications in the heart and expose it to severe conditions. Hence, the oral system has been singled out as one of the body’s most critical systems.

Importance of maintaining good oral hygiene

An unhealthy oral system proves detrimental to the entire body, but the benefits of preserving oral health are pretty advantageous. Here are some of the most significant benefits of maintaining oral health:

  • The mouth serves as the entrance to the whole body, and keeping it clean helps prevent many diseases from finding their way into the body.
  • Good oral hygiene enables one to spot diseases and infections at their earliest stages, and can therefore help in taking prior preventive measures.
  • Cleaning and flossing teeth daily help make them whiter and give one a brighter smile.
  • Poor dental hygiene is the leading cause of tooth loss in children and adults alike. But good oral hygiene helps make teeth and gums more robust, thereby preventing tooth loss.

How can a healthy lifestyle preserve oral health?

The relationship between a healthy lifestyle and the body’s general health is very obvious, but how lifestyle connects to the oral system may be quite a mystery. However, these two are very closely related if you consider that what we consume in terms of food and other edibles is part of our lifestyle. What we eat definitely has a way of affecting several body systems, including the oral system.

It comes as no surprise that hard drugs, alcohol, and tobacco top the list of edibles that are harmful to the teeth and surrounding tissues. But what you may not know is that an unhealthy diet can also play a part in disintegrating the oral system. Excess consumption of coffee and energy drinks may also be a threat to dental health because of the level of caffeine they contain.

While what we eat has a significant bearing on oral health, not eating healthy meals can prove equally detrimental. The absence of specific minerals and vitamins in the body can expose the oral system to diseases and infections. Therefore, rather than just trying to avoid unhealthy foods, you are advised to also replace them with a healthy diet.

Bottom line

Oral health is a crucial factor that determines the state of general health. A healthy lifestyle can help preserve oral and general health by extension. On the other hand, leading an unhealthy lifestyle can affect oral health negatively. This means that one must strive to maintain a healthy lifestyle at all times in order to continue enjoying perfect oral health. Thankfully, the tips that have been discussed in this article will help achieve this.

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