J & K based Body Builder Siddharth Sathoo is an established Bodybuilding and Fitness world Siddharth Sathoo from J&K is an established bodybuilder and fitness model in the North India – The India Saga

fitness and bodybuilding world may appear simple and straightforward, however,
it requires loads of effort, commitment and consistency. One such name in the
state of Jammu and Kashmir is Siddharth Sathoo. He is an emerging man in this
domain and has come a long way to establish himself as a competent bodybuilder
and fitness model. He is a competent man and loves to stay ahead in this field.
Hailing from the said state, he was born on 25th August 1988, the passion of
becoming a bodybuilder has been in his mind since he was a child.

As he
got into this domain pretty early in his life, by the time he turned adult, he
was a competent body builder in his place. He participated in various events
thus representing his state at different parts of the country. However, in his
state, he bagged the Mr. North India 2019-20 title in the men’s physique
category. He even bagged a similar title getting the one called Mr. Jammu in
2015 in Body building along with others like Mr. J&K for seven times in a
row in the 85-90 kgs weight category in bodybuilding. 

is not all, we have seen him gaining the Bronze medal in the 85-90 kg
bodybuilding category of Mr. North in 2017. Thus all we can see is a long list
of competitions and events coming in his life for body building for different
weight categories. In most of these competitions, he seemed to have proved his
worth winning too many titles in this direction and domain. All in all, these
competitions have proved him to be a star of his state who is going to sparkle
for long in the domain of the bodybuilding and fitness world. He intends to go
a long in this field and this he calls to be his start as he plans to go a long way though.