Personalized fitness facility opens second location in Greenwich, aims to build a healthy lifestyle – Greenwich Time

Two years later, with a steady stream of clients, Family Functional Fitness required a waiting list. Demand from customers was so high that Takacs embarked on a second location in Cos Cob to accommodate the rush, holding the official opening this past weekend.

Takacs said he wanted to pursue his own ideas about health and wellness, as well as spend more time with his clients to develop a more personalized approach to a good lifestyle.

His approach takes a more holistic approach than a traditional fitness center, Takacs said. The process starts with a “full body composition scan,” and the staff looks at a client’s diet, work-life balance and sleep patterns as part of the service.

“From there, we can supplement training, nutrition, corrective exercise and even methods to increase cognitive function,” said Takacs. “We see what needs to get worked on.” The overall goal is to “build health more into people’s lifestyle,” he said, noting that fitness and exercise alone are not enough to maintain good health.

His fitness center operates on a “total privacy” model with each client, Takacs said, working with a trainer one-on-one. It allows for better communications and an improved flow of information between the customer and Family Functional Fitness, the fitness entrepreneur said.

“We cater to pretty much everyone in the family. We work with a lot of teens that are initially getting into sports to teach them the mechanics they need to perform better and prevent injury in their sport. Also our commuters that sit for too long throughout the day and begin to have back, hip, knee and postural issues. We have programming for everyone in the family,” said Takacs.

The new FFF facility at 205 E. Putnam Ave. is growing slowly, with only Takacs and another trainer working there. The operation will expand in the coming months, he said, and the other fitness operation on Arcadia Road in Old Greenwich will continue.