Little boy overcomes smoking habit for healthy lifestyle – Geo News

— Reuters/ File.
— Reuters/ File.
  • The boy smoked 40 cigarettes a day and had a tough quitting the cancer-causing habit.
  • The removal of cigarettes from his lifestyle made him crave junk food, so his parents quickly took action and went to seek help from a nutritionist.
  • The food specialists cured his cravings and Ardi is now addiction-free and excelling at school.

An Indonesian toddler, who started smoking when he was just two years old and puffed about 40 fags a day, was finally able to bid farewell to the unhealthy obsession by seeking the help of a nutritionist. 

As reported by The Sun, when the boy, identified as Ardi, quit smoking, he started eating junk food as a coping mechanism and soon became overweight.

Per the publication, Ardi told CNN that the habit was very difficult to quit.

“It was hard for me to stop. If I was not smoking, my mouth tasted sour and my head felt dizzy.”

With intervention from the Indonesian government and intensive specialist care, Ardi’s parents were able to take him off cigarettes by taking him to a nutritionist. 

Ardi’s parents revealed that when he was 18 months old, his dad gave him his first cigarette and that’s how Ardi’s smoking addiction started.

His mum Diana said that Ardi would have temper issues when she took him off his fags. She said she was afraid her son would die because of his addiction. 

“He (would) start to smash his head to the wall. He was crazy, hurting himself if he didn’t get a cigarette,” Diana said.

As reported, the food specialists cured his cravings and Ardi is now addiction-free and excelling at school.