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January. It’s the month of new years resolutions that often include health and fitness changes. Yet, often we hold ourselves to sometimes unrealistic standards or even just lack the motivation and guidance to stick to the new lifestyle.

Emirates Woman spoke to the experts at Starcore, a company that tailors workout programs and meal plans to individual needs. These bespoke packages allow clients to understand what works for them when it comes to nutrition and exercise ensuring they maintain motivation to follow the plans and see results.

Founders, Tana Boshoff and Peter Barron, shared their tips on how to stay on track in January and throughout 2022.

What advice would you give to those looking to improve their health and lifestyle in 2022?

Tana: Staying consistent is key. It’s not a race, slow and steady. Set small weekly goals like improving your water intake, vitamins or maybe 5-10k steps and then slowly increase them to the healthy lifestyle that you want. I think every small bit counts.

Peter: Make a plan and stick to it.  Create an outline of what you want to achieve in the year then break it down into small achievable monthly, weekly, and daily goals. The more times you can tick the box with an achievement the stronger your motivation will be.

What advice do you give when it comes to defining personal goals? Are there any goals you recommend? 

Tana: Be realistic and kind to yourself. We are often so consumed by what others want or social media we forget what we want. Find out what you want and go for it but make sure it’s what you want and not what you think others want for you.

Peter: Don’t try to become someone you see on social media or be like your favourite celebrity. Get comfortable being you and working on yourself. First and most importantly is to work on your mindset. If you’re happy, positive and grateful, you will achieve everything you want, and the journey will seem easy.

What are your top tips for staying on track, not just in January but the whole year through?

Tana: Be mindful of what you put in your body and also be kind to your body. Doing things for you is another one that’s important, go for walks being out in nature, read a book, drink more water. Set time for yourself so you have time to think and plan for weeks head.


If someone feels their goals were too unrealistic/have pressured themselves too much, what advice would you give?

Tana: Get out of your head, spend time with yourself and find out what you want. There is so much more to life then that “perfect body”. Being healthy and strong is what you should be after.

Peter: Take a few days to reassess your goals, rest and recovery are key.

When building a healthy lifestyle, what are your tips for prioritizing both body and mind?

Tana: think a routine makes it easier to prioritise your life. Having a routine keeps you on track. Setting aside time for things to relax and plan is the most important. Our minds run wild on these crazy days that we feel overwhelmed and that we can keep up. Plan your “me” time so that you can do all those things you want to do or that you feel like you don’t have time for.

Peter: Every morning you brush your teeth without thinking about it, it’s an automated thing you do when you wake up. This is what you need to do with your body and mind, you have to create habits and routines; optimising your time is so important when trying to improve your lifestyle.

How do you help clients create a positive attitude/mindset to their lifestyle changes especially in the first 3 weeks?

Tana: Setting smaller goals per week – this is great for someone who hasn’t been training or doesn’t know where to start. Smaller achievements like cutting out bad food in the week or maybe increasing water intake, this builds confidence and it’s not all overwhelming at once.

Peter: I start by getting my clients to outline their current training and eating habits. See what their limiting factors are in their life. From there we can start to make small incremental changes over time will lead to massive results and ultimately a much healthier, happier life.

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