High cholesterol: The supplement shown to reduce the body’s absorption of cholesterol – Express

levels increase your risk of suffering a variety of health complications.

This includes but doesn’t stop at greater risks for and .

Managing cholesterol often requires a combination of good diet, regular exercise and medication.

One food that has been positively linked with good cholesterol is garlic.

Among people who had cholesterol levels above 200mg/dL, they saw a decrease of roughly 15.7mg/dL.

The researchers concluded their study by saying: “The available data suggest that garlic is superior to placebo in reducing total cholesterol levels.

“However, the size of the effect is modest, and the robustness of the effect is debatable.

“The use of garlic for hypercholesterolemia is therefore of questionable value.”

These types of medicinal studies need to work hard to ensure that external factors like the placebo effect do not contaminate their results.

There are also risks when reading the scientific literature such as publication bias.

A study that fails to find any correlation between garlic and cholesterol is less likely to be published.

This means that when large reviews collect the available data from all published studies, they might be collecting a biased sample by looking at only the studies that made it to publication.

Researchers will sometimes seek out unpublished studies to include in their data to reduce this risk.