Conroe fitness couple promote healthy lifestyle with unique energy drinks – Houston Chronicle

The start of the New Year encourages many people to create new personal and fitness goals. And just like the crowds gyms see on Jan. 1, local health store Epic Nutrition is no stranger to seeing dozens of new customers this month determined to meet their wellness goals.

Co-owners Jose and Diana Hernandez launched their smoothie energy drinks store exactly a year ago in an effort to promote a healthy lifestyle for their hometown of Conroe.

“We wanted to give back to the community since we saw a lot of people didn’t have that option of having a healthy meal supplement ‘on the go’ or a healthier option for a treat,” Diana said.

Diana started making and selling healthy drinks to her neighbors and friends when she started her own fitness journey five years ago, in which she lost a total of 55 pounds. Opening the storefront alongside her husband in January of 2021 brought Diana’s fitness dreams to life.

“I always wanted to make a difference in people’s lives, since I’ve always struggled with losing weight, so that’s kind of how it all started,” she said.

Diana, who has been working out ever since she was 14, wanted to open a store with healthy options to help people lose weight more easily. Her husband Jose, who had aspirations of becoming a nutritionist in college, became more involved in the store’s vision after being laid off as a restaurant manager due to COVID-19.

Epic Nutrition’s menu features protein coffees, special teas and meal-replacement shakes, many of which are under 225 calories.

The store’s most popular item, however, are its energy drinks, which are created from a variety of ingredients including herbal tea concentrates and B-12 caffeine shots. The majority of these drinks are also sugar-free, and customers have said they appreciated the boost of energy they provide.

“People who are looking for macro-friendly or low calorie options find it really easy to pick an item from our store,” Jose said.

Although not a part of the official menu, the store will also sometimes sell protein waffles and donuts as a healthy snack option for customers.

Jose noted that what sets apart their health and wellness store from others is their dedication to making people feel welcome upon entering and treating each customer with respect.

The store also encourages a healthy lifestyle by holding monthly 5K runs and online “transformational” challenges, such as drinking a gallon of water everyday during a month.

There is also a scale inside the store for those interested in holding themselves accountable for their weight goals.

Diana said that she has been able to maintain her weight from a combination of working out and eating healthier foods, including items from her own store.

“Our goal is just to make a difference in people’s lives,” she said, “and just try to make their lives easier and more simple, and be able to have a healthy and happy life and not to stress about it too much.”