Raghav Tiwari Trusts Veganism To Lead Healthy Lifestyle – Outlook India

Actor Raghav Tiwari feels that veganism promotes a healthy lifestyle which is quite important amid sudden increase in COVID-19 cases in India. The actor who was seen playing a protagonist Aditya in his acting debut show ‘Hamari Wali Good News’ feels it is all the more important in times of Covid 19.

“I personally feel going vegan means, living longer, living safer, living slimmer and most importantly, living happier. Veganism promotes a healthy lifestyle. With modern advancements, it is much easier to take on this diet than any other history in time. And in the current situation when covid-19 virus is taking a toll over it has become somehow a necessity,” Tiwari tells us.

He adds, “Today, vegans are open to a series of delicious, artificial meats, which are often just tofu or vegetables. Nonetheless they taste relatively close to the usual animal product. Different supplement vitamins are now sold making it inexcusable for the majority not to join. Vegan burgers, vegan ice cream, scrambled tofu (remake of scrambled eggs) possibly exist. Humans no longer have to live like their barbaric ancestors. They have the chance to change, and live more superior lives by not eating animals.”

Tiwari has challenged himself to celebrate veganuary month which the world celebrates every January. 

He says, “These life changing actions do not necessarily have to be sudden. Starting off small and becoming vegetarian is an amazing start, and that is what I’m trying to challenge myself with this month. I was all influenced by the idea of celebrating veganuary month.”