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Turning 50 in June does something to a person. You begin thinking about your life in ways you may have never thought about. For those of you 50 and beyond, you probably know what I am talking about.

Staying physically fit and mentally strong weights more on the mind. I now have an increased interest in finding natural ways to incorporate healthy habits and giving my family the best opportunity possible to sustain good health, energy, and focus. You can say my curiosity is now at its peak.

I want to share that curiosity with you.

So, consider this an invitation to join me in a health journey as I be curious about health as I write this column for  This comes at a time where society is aging and the many worldwide health scares in the past few years.

Being a 27-year piano and voice teacher working in close proximity to others, I’ve always been fascinated by health and how nutrition positively or negatively affect a students mind-set, outlook, attitude, and perspective regarding ones ability.

Is it possible to give students a better chance at optimizing memory and attention, staying focused and supporting brain health? And how does that affect their self-confidence, self-image, self-esteem and self-respect?

As for my performing artists…I notice they have their own set of concerns. The desire to look and feel great inside and out, is a necessity for the performers overall marketing package. Aspirations of a healthy glow from skin, hair, physical stamina and mental clarity are constantly sought after by those who love the stage. Nutrition is an essential part of the performing artists toolbox for success!

For me, I found a program (Vitality Stack) that works after many failed attempts at many things over the years such as vitamin and supplement combinations and products—I want to share that with you and perhaps it may even work for you.

But I also want to seek out other health programs, vitamins, supplements, fitness and even mental health by talking to experts in their field to showcase all of what is available to you while I continue to be curious and ask questions. But more importantly, I want to share what I find with all of you to cut through hours of research and time sucks down rabbit holes.

The truth is, I have been relentless on seeking information on how to keep up my energy and focus for my family as well as my students.

I am known for always searching for ways to give myself, my husband and my three children a nutritional advantage to reach goals in whatever endeavors they choose to pursue. This is because I have two teenage boys who play football and train hard in the gym and on the field, my daughter is a competitive dancer, so all three have physically demanding lifestyles. It has always been important to me, to provide them with the nutritional support they need to meet their goals.

I will be 50 years old in June and I realize now more than ever that I want to be able to keep up with my children and family schedules.

So I invite you to join me each week as I get curious, fact find and provide information that may change the course of your lifestyle forever. We all want to be healthy, its time to stop talking about it and begin to take action.

I’ll be your guide each week.

Senya Borrelli is resident of Contra Costa County who is wellness advocate and a distributor for LifeVantage. She is a wife, a mother, teacher and a coach. If you have any questions, you can email her at [email protected] .

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