Local sportswear brand helps Amman residents adapt healthy lifestyle via ‘Hidden Gyms’ – Jordan Times

AMMAN — Inspired by Amman’s geographical and architectural landscape, the local sportswear brand Gymkuma has launched the “Hidden Gyms” initiative. The initiative aims to encourage the citizens of Amman to adopt healthy practices through regular exercise at the city’s hidden gyms – the roads and stairs that coil around Amman’s hills.

Founder and CEO of Gymkuma Hassan Abdul Hadi noted that the idea started during the pandemic due to the uncertainty around the reopening of gyms and sports centres.

“The lockdowns and movement restrictions prevented people from being active and athletes from carrying out their daily exercise, so we wanted to redefine being active. There are plenty of uphill roads, downhill slopes, straight landscapes, and hidden stairways in Amman, a perfect variety that brings a good challenge for any athlete or person who wants to get active,” Abdul Hadi told The Jordan Times.

According to Gymkuma, the “Hidden Gyms” initiative mainly seeks to help the people of Amman by providing them with free and easy access to fitness and exercise opportunities, particularly for those that can’t get to the gym because of financial or time constraints.

 “Our aim is to help people find locations that will up the challenge and uplift their exercise level. We found a handful of spots and assigned an exercise for each location while calculating the average calories a person will burn. Many people participated, with some even reaching out and requesting that we scout their areas,” Abdul Hadi said.

“We are increasingly aware of the difficulty that comes with committing to exercise despite its inarguable necessity and importance to physical and mental health. Therefore, at Gymkuma, we wanted to leverage and capitalise on the beautiful pathways, roads, and stairs the citizens of Amman often pass by without a second glance, deciding to create ‘Hidden Gyms’, the optimal and most accessible gym environment for a healthier lifestyle,” he added.

Some of Amman’s “Hidden Gyms” include Al Rabyeh, Rainbow Street (Souq Jara), downtown (Shabsough stairs), Wadi Saqra (Zara Centre Stairs), Jabal Luweibdeh and Abdali Stairs, according to Abdul Hadi.

Gymkuma introduced a number of guidelines in several areas around Amman, highlighting possible exercises for citizens and visitors, and providing details on recommended the frequency, completion time and the number of calories burned. 

Abdul Hadi indicated that Gymkuma is aiming to set up more hidden gyms around the Kingdom. 

“As soon as the weather allows for outdoor activities, we will seek out new locations and new activities for anyone who wants to be active. We are hoping that this initiative will be a new beginning that will motivate more Jordanians to take care of their health at any time and without significant costs,” he concluded.