COVID-19 Joint Information Center Update: January 31, 2022 – Washington County – Washington County Government

We need to continue to be vigilant with masks, hand hygiene, vaccination, and boosters.

Though the numbers are encouraging, we are not out of the woods. It isn’t a coincidence that recent surges in hospital volume follow times of gatherings and travel. Please continue to wear a mask, wash your hands, consider distance and make an informed decision about vaccination. If you are fully vaccinated, get a booster shot. 

The COVID-19 booster helps to protect your immunity to COVID-19. Over time, protection from your initial vaccine decreases and the booster shot helps to “boost” your immunity to COVID-19, especially as different variants develop. Across the country, people are generally having fewer and milder reactions after their third dose and they will be 92% less likely to experience serious symptoms or need hospital care.