Yo Gotti Reveals The Secrets To His Healthy Lifestyle – HotNewHipHop

Living a cleaner and healthier lifestyle has picked up steam on the mainstream level of America’s consciousness over the past ten years. The “fit-life” trend has evolved from a movement into a way of life. As a result, people have shifted their eating habits and opted for alternatives that prioritize the longevity of their lives. Working out has become an activity that has transformed our homes into full-on gyms, and many food prepping services are more than willing to pull up to your spot and feed you. And with the number of rappers who have notoriously lived unhealthy lifestyles, it should come as no surprise that this trend has spread into Hip-Hop culture. One of the latest rappers to speak about their transformation into a healthier life is Memphis rapper and executive Yo Gotti.

Stuck in the house for lockdown during the pandemic, Gotti began noticing his eating habits and how that directly impacted his overall health. Gotti wanted to see a positive change in his mind and body, so he shifted his entire eating patterns. “My diet changed a lot,” the Memphis legend says. “I used to drink a lot of sodas, eat a lot of cakes and junk food. So I got rid of all that. It’s a lot more greenery and vegetables, and even the sweets I eat are prepared by my chef, which is way better for my health.

Kris Connor/BET/Getty Images for BET

It really helped me lose like 50 pounds.” Elaborating on whether or not he decided on a specific diet, Gott said, “I never been on a specific type of diet, I just tried to stop eating bad and start eating healthy. A lot of things I do, though, is calorie count; I think that’s what helped me a lot. For the last year, I tried to count my calorie intake, and that seems to be the best results that I get.” As for the exercise aspect of his healthy lifestyle, Gotti stated that he begins his day every morning by engaging in 45 minutes of cardio on his in-home bike. Gotti also indicated that he loves to throw in push-ups any chance he can and has been doing this since the 6th grade.

The reason for Gotti’s transformation was to try and hit “210” pounds, but after losing 50 pounds, he stopped paying attention to “the number” and instead focused on how it made him feel. “Working out helps you as a performer,” he adds. “It gives you more energy. I wish I would’ve known this, like, 10, 15 years ago. I would’ve been on my workout plan way earlier.” It should be interesting to see how his transformation plays out on the stage once he decides to get back on the road.