High cholesterol: Eat THIS macronutrient to bust high cholesterol levels – Times of India

Finding sources of fibre is probably one of the easiest tasks to do. But since it is easy, people might not feel too excited about it. It comes without fancy words, simply put, all fruits and vegetables are rich in fibre-content. It’s natural, healthy and uncomplicated. Some of these excellent sources of fibre include sweet potato, aubergine, okra, broccoli, apples, strawberries and prunes. Pulses such as beans, peas and lentils are particularly high in soluble fibre. Oats are a good breakfast option, as these grains are packed with soluble fibre.

Experts recommend at least five portions of fruit and veg daily. A recent research study published in The Lancet found that intake of at least 25 grams of food fiber a day is associated with a lower weight, blood pressure, blood sugars, cholesterol, as well as lower risk of developing (or dying from) diabetes, heart disease, strokes, and breast or colon cancer.

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