Practise healthy lifestyle to reduce stroke risk: Doctors to youngsters – Times of India

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GUWAHATI: The growing burden of stroke or brain stroke in the northeast may be linked to ethnicity, doctors said on World Brain Day on Friday. They appealed to the young generation to practice healthy lifestyles to reduce the risk.
Dr Arindom Kakati, senior neurosurgeon at Hayat Super Speciality Hospital here, said reasons for brain strokes in the region may include ethnic differences in the northeastern states, as a majority of the population has links to the Chinese and Mongolian people in whom stroke dominates among ischaemic heart diseases.
Dr Biplab Das, head, neurology and interventional neurology at Batra Hospital, New Delhi, said 70-80% of strokes that are reported in the country are ischaemic strokes, where response time is very crucial in saving lives.


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