Kendall Jenner Shares Nighttime Routine To Combat Anxiety – Bustle

From Megan Thee Stallion to Britney Spears, public figures and celebrities are breaking down the taboo of mental health by speaking out about their struggles. Now, Kendall Jenner has shared more details about her experience with anxiety. The Kardashians star opened up about the impact anxiety has on her health, and shared some of the ways she deals with the condition in her nighttime routine.

Jenner explained to Vogue that she likes to “wind down in the evenings… I usually drink tea and relax by reading a book or writing in my journal.” Speaking on her experience, she shared: “I have struggled with anxiety for years and it can have good and bad days… If I need to wind down, I really make a point to take 15 minutes to meditate to settle my anxiety, so I can get a good night’s rest.”

Giving fans an idea of what her bedroom looks like before she drifts off to sleep, the Dior model said: “You can’t go wrong with an insulated canteen water bottle. Having it on hand reminds me to drink water throughout the day, and I keep it on my bedside table, too.”

And what type of water bottle does the supermodel enjoy? “I typically use Takeya,” Jenner notes. She’s also a big fan of calming candles, blackout curtains, not looking at phones for at least an hour before bed, and going to sleep at a “consistent” time every night.

Jenner also let readers into some of her beauty secrets, explaining: “Some nights I take my skincare a step further with extra products, serums and cleansers. I prefer to use gentle products on my face.”

This isn’t the first time The Kardashians star has spoken candidly of her anxiety to Vogue. In 2021, she hosted a four-part online series titled Open Minded for the fashion publication.