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The 2022 Yamamoto Nutrition Pro was held on Sunday, Sept. 11 in Milan, Italy. There were four contests held Men’s Open, Classic Physique, Men’s Physique, and Bikini.

The winners of each contest earned qualifications to the 2022 Olympia, scheduled to take place Dec. 16-18, 2022 in Las Vegas, NV.

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The men’s results are below.

2022 Yamamoto Nutrition Pro Men’s Open Results

  1. Vladyslav Suhoruchko
  2. Mohamed El Eman
  3. Andrea Muzi
  4. Jamie Christian-Johal
  5. Roman Fritz
  6. Pasquale D’Angelo
  7. Harry Harris
  8. Anton Bippus
  9. Mustafa Yildiz
  10. Fabio Romagnolo

Winner Vladyslav Suhoruchko

There was a lot of buzz about Suhoruchko on social media, but the question was if he could be conditioned and ripped to showcase his mass. He clearly was because the judges gave him a perfect score.

His abs were shredded and he looked impressive in every pose he hit. He is now going to make his Olympia debut as a result of his first pro victory. There is no word if he will compete again before the Olympia as of this writing.

Second Place Mohamed El Eman

El Eman was one of the favorites for this contest, but he left the stage with his second career runner-up finish. It wasn’t a matter of him not being his best, but the winner was simply bigger and better on this day.

With the Olympia approaching, he will need to find more shows to enter if he wants to make it to the big show in Las Vegas.

Third Place Andrea Muzi

Muzi had been in the hunt for a win on a few occasions, but he hasn’t been able to seal the deal. He’d been criticized in the past for being inconsistent with his look onstage.

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He had a lot of support from his home country fans, but the judges felt he was third best on this day. The good news is this placing keeps him in the top three of the Olympia Qualification System.

Other Divisions

The second through fifth place finishers in all divisions earn Tier 4 points in the Olympia Qualification System. The top three finishers in that system for each division will also be invited to compete in the Olympia. Those points are as follows.

  • Second Place 4 points
  • Third Place 3 points
  • Fourth Place 2 points
  • Fifth Place 1 point

The top finishers for Classic Physique, Men’s Physique, and Bikini are below. 

Classic Physique

  1. Christian Zagarella
  2. Valeri Enchev
  3. Siem Goosens
  4. Abdullah Al Sairafi
  5. Richard Nagy
  6. Edoardo Ciocchiti
  7. Jabar Al Kuwari
  8. Simone Bestagno

Men’s Physique

  1. Jeffrey Darko
  2. Chao Peng
  3. Emile Walker
  4. Victor Ramirez
  5. Andrea Antonelli
  6. Andrea Migglano
  7. Omar Sulelman
  8. Lorenzo Giachetti
  9. Guiseppi Riserbato
  10. Tyler Smith


  1. Rukiye Solak
  2. Francesca Stoico
  3. Kerry Sexton
  4. Jessica Kavanagh
  5. Eszter Oczella
  6. Renata Nowak
  7. Margherita Todeschini
  8. Martyna Derlat
  9. Guiditta Taccani
  10. Vania Maria Mesquita

Featured Image: @suhoruchko on Inatsgram