How Naomi Osaka Maintains A Healthy Lifestyle While On The Road – The List

When she’s traveling, Naomi Osaka prefers staying at short-term rentals or Airbnbs, as opposed to hotels, she told People, mainly because she can “feel at home.” She believes bonding with her teammates is an important part of the process, so she chooses to remain close to them. “I normally stay with my team, so it’s much better for team bonding than multiple rooms in a soulless hotel,” Osaka told the publication. All of them “cook together, watch TV, and hang out, so it feels like a family,” she explained.

As a high-ranking athlete, Osaka prioritizes nutrition to maintain a healthy lifestyle. “I take my nutrition very seriously, so the best way to manage it is definitely at a house with a kitchen,” she told People, highlighting another reason she prefers Airbnb stays. “So a spacious kitchen is essential to my wellness lifestyle.” Osaka also shared her two must-have items when traveling: a massage table and a juicer.