National Academy of Sports Medicine® (NASM) Launches New Physique & Bodybuilding Coaching Program – Business Wire

GILBERT, Ariz.–()–National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), the global leader in fitness and wellness education and certifications, is pleased to announce the launch of its new Physique and Bodybuilding Coach Program (NASM-PBC), a course designed to provide science-backed nutrition, training and coaching strategies to aid individuals in achieving their aesthetic-based goals.

The development for the program has been a multi-year process during which NASM brought together over 30 leading experts, including Dr. Guillermo Escalante who holds a Doctor of Science in Athletic Training and is a former bodybuilding competitor, and Dr. Sunny Andrews, MD who in addition to being a medical doctor, also competes as an International Federation of Fitness and Bodybuilding (IFBB) Pro.

Millions of people train to achieve aesthetic goals, and the primary audiences for this program include aspiring and active bodybuilders and physique competitors, as well as fitness professionals who want to include physique coaching as part of their practice. The 100% online course provides evidence-based coaching, training, and nutrition strategies along with the opportunity to learn the most current and proven methods of physique building.

“We are thrilled to broaden our offerings to the physique and bodybuilding community,” said Laurie McCartney. “Whether you are a fitness professional or anyone who wants to incorporate physique transformation into your life, this state-of-the-art program provides actionable and real-world strategies to achieve your goals.”

“Many well-known diet and fitness programs, especially those on social media, fail to offer a comprehensive and evidence-based approach to coaching and training for competitive fitness and bodybuilding,” said Mike Fantigrassi, Senior Director of Product Development for NASM. “In order to attain aesthetic goals in a fun and engaging online environment, it is critical to provide people with the scientifically sound information on recommended practices that we provide inside our program.”

The PBC program is available exclusively through NASM’s state-of-the-art, interactive and immersive online platform that is accessible from any location and any device. For more information, visit

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