Top 5 wellness apps to maintain a healthy lifestyle – The Daily Star

The pandemic has changed our lives drastically and now, we are much more conscious and vigilant about our health and wellness. And exactly for this reason, wellness apps have gained immense popularity in this post-pandemic era. These wellness apps are easily accessible, insightful and usually free.  

Whether you want to practice meditation, improve your sleep and wake up in sync with your circadian rhythm or feel calmer and improve your focus, the undermentioned wellness apps can guide you into leading a more fruitful and healthy life.

Insight Timer

Most users install Insight Timer to learn meditation and cope with the stress and anxiety caused by the lockdowns and pandemic in 2020. And this app has made many of them fall in love with the practice of meditation and leading a mindful life.

Insight Timer is a free meditation app that features free guided meditations, sleep music tracks and insightful talks that are led by renowned meditation and mindfulness experts and neuroscientists. Furthermore, anyone can attend rewarding workshops — yoga classes, discussions about anxiety and depression, dialogues on mindful living — all are free and easy to follow.

Additionally, even teens and kids can greatly benefit from this app by employing the motivating mediations and stories available here. There is also a premium subscription offered by Insight Timer called Member Plus, and this subscription allows us to fast-forward meditation tracks and enjoy thousands of full meditation courses.

Sleep Cycle: Sleep Tracker

Sleep helps our body and brain to function properly, but how many of us are blessed with a good night’s sleep? To help you improve the quality of your sleep, keep track of your sleeping patterns and figure out the causes of sleep problems, Sleep Cycle: Sleep Tracker can be your valuable ally.

This app is essentially a sleep-tracking app. It tracks sleeping patterns by using the microphone and presents charts and graphs regarding sleeping time and regularity. All we have to do is to turn it on before going to sleep and put it on our nightstand. The app will do the rest of the work and it also comes with some soothing alarm clock sound effects.    


Students struggle to keep their focus and maintain orderliness during their study time. However, that has changed with this app.

Flipd is a study app that helps to keep track of our productivity and boost motivation. By using this app, you can easily track your time spent on different tasks. What’s more? With colours and distinctive tags, you can separate your targeted activities!

An additional bonus — Flibd helps us to get into the flow with free lo-fi and library music. And the Pomodoro timer truly makes this app a valuable aid to students.   


Flo is an ovulation and period tracker, fertility calendar and pregnancy assistant. And its functions don’t end there.

You can also log your cycle-related symptoms, and here, many evidence-based medical articles, tips and recommendations are available at your disposal. Such medical assistance can be a valuable relief for those who are suffering from premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD).

Some of us neglect recording periods and menstrual cycle changes. That should not be the case and this is why Flo can help us with beneficial personalised health insights.     


Yoga benefits us both physically and mentally — a practice that reduces stress and anxiety and helps us maintain a healthy physique. Hence, to carry yoga lessons and teachings on our smartphones, YogaDownload.Com has been created. With this app, we can access free yoga classes and poses with our smartphones or tablets.

Whether it is Vinyasa or Ashtanga or Anusara yoga, this app offers many comprehensible video tutorials. And the best part is we can filter the options and use them according to our convenience.