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DALLAS, Nov. 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Reagan Lancaster is a bodybuilder, athlete, businessman, and rancher that understands hard work and has pushed himself to be one of the top contenders in his class. Reagan’s lifetime work with horses and the amount of work required to get horses in shape ( to compete led Lancaster to jump headfirst into the bodybuilding world.

The Athlete – Reagan Lancaster says… “Nothing has ever come easy and the amount of work in the gym coupled with the amount of diet and cardio and posing along with responsibilities of family and business makes this sport a deep commitment.”

In 7 years Reagan Lancaster has competed in about 16 bodybuilding competitions in his career and typically competes in 2-3 divisions per show, earning him 24 placings in the top 3, of those 20 placings within the top 2, and 10 in first place.

Reagan Lancaster was also awarded the NPC Athlete of the Year Award by Ed & IFBB Pro Betty Pariso in June 2018 at the Europa in Dallas, TX.

It’s a personal goal for Lancaster every year to stay in shape and be at the top of his game. The goal is to walk across the stage yearly. The reason for the goal is not only to look good and stay in shape, but he recognizes it’s also extremely difficult and a massive amount of work (cardio, diet, grinding). Money can’t buy that. No matter what you spend money on (equipment, trainers, supplements, etc.), you can’t replace that with daily work, and that’s what Reagan loves to accomplish year after year.

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Bodybuilding Competitions Reagan Lancaster has competed in:

NPC Southwest USA – Arlington & Dallas, TX

Kuclo Classic – Dallas, TX

NPC Adela Garcia Classic – Austin, TX

John “The Tank” Sherman’s Muscle Beach Classic – Houston

NPC North American Championships (Gary Udit) – Pittsburgh, PA

Europa – Dallas, TX

NPC Ronnie Coleman Classic – Fort Worth, TX

NPC Phil Heath Classic – TX

More details on the NPC (National Physique Committee) and TBC (Texas Bodybuilding Contests)

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