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PROVO, Utah — A few days ahead of Thanksgiving holiday feasts, with the hours of napping and football watching to go along with it, some BYU students are learning how to live healthy and happier lives from a trip to Ikaria, Greece.

According to BYU News, the students and public health professor Randy Page wanted to visit one of the five locations around the globe, known as Blue zones. In Blue zones,  people reach the age of 100 at ten times greater rates than U.S. averages.

They returned from their summer trip to Greece with tips for living the healthy lifestyle of those they learned from in the Blue zones, Ikaria, Greece.

“Always eat fresh vegetables and always have a colorful meal,” BYU Emily Blake says. “We should also have at least four different foods that we’re eating.”

Blake says another key to healthy eating is to include in-season fresh fruits and vegetables, preferably from your own garden.

When it comes to lifestyle, the students recommend staying physically active, taking time to be outside and starting every day with gratitude.

Along with this, they recommend healthy recipes from CookinAthens.

Other Blue zones include Okinawa, Japan, Sardinia, Italy, Nicoya, Costa Rica and Loma Linda, California, according to BYU News.

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