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Pro natural bodybuilder Brandon Lirio breaks down the top six bodybuilding and fitness trends that need to stop as we head into the new year

As we inch closer into 2023, many are starting to take stock of their year and decide what resolutions that want to make for New Years. It’s the time of year where gyms get ready for an explosion of membership signups and clients. A time when supplement companies expect more sales. A time when the individual looking to improve their fitness and health start to give another go at transforming themselves. That’s why for this week’s episode of the U-Natty States Of America podcast, Brandon Lirio creates the ultimate list of bodybuilding and fitness trends that need to die in 2023.

Like the rest of us, Brandon Lirio likes to take stock of the past year and decide which vices and bad habits to break in the new year. But instead of focusing on his own improvements, Lirio is dedicating an entire episode to creating the ultimate bodybuilding New Years resolution list. There have been a lot of new habits and trends that developed or solidified in 2022. Not all of them are necessarily good.

Brandon Lirio does us a favor and details the top six terrible bodybuilding and fitness trends that need to stop immediately. It will make us all breath a little easier and enjoy consuming bodybuilding content better in 2023. Let’s jump into it.

1. Stop Dry Scooping & Dry Scoop Challenges

The notion of dry scooping is nothing new. It’s been joked about and sometimes done seriously for over a decade. But in this new viral world of Tik Tok – dry scooping has become more of a viral fad. Some do it as a challenge to see who can up to the most amount of pre-workout in one sitting of dry scoops. Others simply do it and share online as advice that others should follow. Because they think it’s a more effective way to consume supplements.

The truth is that this can be dangerous for your health at its worst. At its best, it will do… really nothing. Dry scooping your supplements has no added benefit. And in cases like pre-workout, taking too much and not mixing with water can lead to serious health effects especially for those with pre-existing conditions.

So even if it looks fun or cool to take on the challenge, Brandon Lirio wants to see you STOP dry scooping in 2023.

2. Hustle Culture Needs To Calm Down

Brandon Lirio understands that hustlers, movers, and shakers are important towards innovation and success. However, hustling has become its own culture and marketed online as a status symbol. Suddenly getting no sleep and working 90 hour work weeks is seen as “cool.” Why? Because we all are incentivized to become individual businessmen and to turn our lives into a brand.

The problem is – rest is important. This is especially true for athlete entrepreneurs who also compete. Regardless of your athlete status, it is still vital for your health to recover and rest well.

So even if all work, no play seems to equal millionaire success, Brandon Lirio wants to see you STOP promoting hustle culture in 2023.

3. Stop Confronting People For Ruining Your Gym Video

It’s not uncommon for fitness lovers to film themselves in the gym. This could be to record a PR attempt or simply to review your form later. It’s also used to help market your brand if you are a fitness influencer (or wannabe fitness influencer). However, a new trend has grown out of this desire… and that’s shaming other gym members who walk in front of the camera and “ruin” your video.

Brandon Lirio points out that the gym, most of the time, is a public space. Most individuals who walk in front of a camera do so by accident. It’s not their responsibility to be aware of whether or not you are filming – because the gym is for lifting not making videos.

It’s okay to be frustrated when a good lifting set on camera gets ruined. But don’t take it out on the person who blocked the shot. It’s just the reality of sharing a space with someone. All gym members have paid the same amount to be there.

So even if a person blocks a really great personal PR, Brandon Lirio wants you to STOP shaming gym-goers in 2023.

4. Don’t Listen To One Trick Exercise Videos

You’ll often see viral videos claiming to have the one trick to build a better body or to lose weight. Often times this can even come from a reliable source. A famous athlete or fitness personality. These people might not even be trying to dupe you. Rather, they are just showing you what worked for them and their specific genetics.

Brandon Lirio wants you to know that just because “this one thing” worked to build Jeniffer Lopez’s ass – doesn’t mean that is what will work for you. In fact, all “one trick” videos are essentially BS. Maybe it works for a person with incredible genetics towards a specific skill set. But it may not be translatable to you.

So even if you get excited about a new exercise trick, Brandon Lirio wants you to STOP believing in “one trick” videos.

Cauliflower fake healthy

5. Cauliflower In Every Meal As A Healthy Alternative Needs To Stop

You’ve seen it before, the viral videos that promise they can make bland healthy food taste just like a burger. The idea is for your healthy meals to taste just like cheat meals. But the problem is… this clearly is not reality.

Bradon Lirio focuses on cauliflower – but this is applicable to any similar type of diet mentality. Yes a cauliflower taco is more healthy than a takeout greasy steak taco. But if your cauliflower taco still has cheese and sauce on it, the meal still isn’t as healthy as you can be.

The problem here is the psychology. These videos or diet guides are targeting people who love to eat delicious and unhealthy food. So they try to make a healthy main ingredient taste just like unhealthy food. This only half works. In reality, more effort needs to be spent on rewiring people’s mindsets to enjoy healthy food for its benefits and to learn to avoid gluttonous behavior.

So if all of your greasy meals are replaced with cauliflower or another vegetable, Brandon Lirio wants you to STOP and start eating real healthy food.

6. Stop Promoting And Believing In Cleanses And Detoxes

Brandon Lirio saved the most pervasive bad trend in fitness for last. There is no magic pill or cleanse that will make you healthy. There is no way to take one product every day and transform your health. The key factors for a healthy and fit life will always be the same – consistency and hard work.

Cleanses and detoxes work mostly because of the placebo effect. We think the trend is working because our brains trick ourselves into feeling its benefits. But in reality most of these do nothing or at best help supplement an already healthy diet and lifestyle.

So Brandon Lirio wants to be clear as day on this last topic – STOP using cleanses and detoxes to trick you into feeling healthy.

Wrap Up

Did we miss any bad fitness trends that you feel should make the list? Let us know by commenting on the video and share your picks for the trends that need to die in 2023. You can watch the full episode of U-Natty States Of America above. Make sure to check back every Wednesday for new episodes only on the Generation Iron Fitness Network or wherever podcasts are downloaded.