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AN ASPIRING bodybuilder is now reportedly on life support indefinitely after suffering the consequences of a brutal training regimen.

Naghmeh ‘Neggy’ Shelton, 36, is an Iranian woman who grew up surrounded by the world of fitness.

Naghmeh 'Neggy' Shelton, 36, pictured with a posing coach, was an aspiring bodybuilder before a tragic incident left her in a coma


Naghmeh ‘Neggy’ Shelton, 36, pictured with a posing coach, was an aspiring bodybuilder before a tragic incident left her in a comaCredit: Instagram / Neggy Shelton
Shelton remains in long-term care on a ventilator and feeding tube


Shelton remains in long-term care on a ventilator and feeding tubeCredit: Getty

Her father had been experienced in Judo, and her brother was a bodybuilder — the family allegedly even owned and operated their gym in the country, per The Washington Post.

She was then able to move to the United States in 2018 after winning a visa lottery, with her sights set on a professional bodybuilding career, and opening her own gym.

However, it was going to take some hard work to get there, so Shelton sought out well-known women’s bodybuilding trainer, James Ayotte, 30, in November of 2021.

Ayotte quickly placed Shelton on a training routine and diet plan supposedly designed to get her ready for shows and help her lean down fast.

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By the end of this October, Shelton reportedly dropped weight from around 170 pounds at the start to around 124 pounds.

She continued to conduct her two-and-one-half-hour workouts and an 890-calorie meal plan, along with a plethora of performance-enhancing drugs.

Shelton was said to have been eyeing an upcoming professional event on November 12 but began feeling out of sorts.

After telling Ayotte about the event in messages from November 7 that The Post obtained, he allegedly told her to ‘do her best’ and ‘not cheat’ on the diet plan.

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Shelton was then found unconscious in her apartment in Ashburn, Virginia, two days after that conversation and was rushed to the hospital.

Shelton allegedly had dangerously low blood glucose levels, per medical records viewed by The Post.

The medical staff at Inova Loudoun Hospital told the publication that the hypoglycemic condition was most likely due to “diet, supplements, and extensive workouts.”

This ultimately led to the discovery of a brain injury, which placed her in a coma, with doctors allegedly warning them that she may never wake up.

Despite what happened and the doctors’ conclusion about what caused Neggy’s condition, Ayotte has reportedly claimed that it had nothing to do with his coaching, per The Post.

Ayotte explained that if someone had reached Shelton earlier before she collapsed, “she would have been perfectly fine.”

“No way on me and anything I’ve done.”

However, the performance-enhancing drugs that Shelton was taking per Ayotte’s recommendation raised eyebrows from medical professionals, according to the Post.

Ayotte does not have a medical background, the Post reports, nor does his website contain any medical information.

But the combination of all of the non-regulation supplements he offered was allegedly detrimental, a doctor told the Post.

In total, Shelton was taking two types of steroids, human growth hormone, clenbuterol, three kinds of drugs for breast cancer patients, and two SARMs according to the messages between her and Ayotte.

Carla Janson, a former emergency medicine doctor for more than 40 years, told The Post that the drugs likely drastically worsened her condition before collapsing.

“She was on this cocktail of all these other things that nobody in their right mind would ever put together. … It’s just unbelievable,” Janson said.

Shelton was in the hospital for over a month and has now reportedly been transferred to a long-term healthcare facility.

She requires a ventilator and feeding tube, opening her eyes from time to time.

Her family has since created a GoFundMe page, sharing it on her Instagram page as well.

According to a December 18 update on the page, they have now raised more than $22,000 in donations toward the goal of $35,000 for emergency visas, plane tickets, and lodging for the rest of her family.

The doctors have also allegedly told the family that it could take months or years for Shelton to recover from her current state.

Even then, they are unsure if she will be able to walk or speak.

When approached for comment, James Ayotte directed The U.S. Sun to Instagram videos he made regarding the Post’s article.

Ayotte claims in one post that the Post failed to interview a man named Amir, who is allegedly “Neggy’s closest friend.”

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“Amir is Neggy’s closest friend, he spoke to her everyday, trained with her, met me at the NY Pro with her, he was the first one at the hospital with her, he put me on FaceTime with her in the hospital, he kept me updated everyday, he was the one who spoke to the doctors and was told that ‘her blood work was very normal and has she had been living with someone, this would have never happened,'” Ayotte claims in the post.

The U.S. Sun has reached out to Shelton’s family for comment as well.