I’m a bodybuilding grandma – people are shocked when I show them my body ‘shredded and bulked up’… – The US Sun

A BODYBUILDING grandma has stunned fans once again with her video showing a before and after selfie during bulking season.

Carrie Martinez Heer is known for her shredded physique with the sensation being known as the Idaho Muscle Girl on TikTok.

People have called her muscle bulk "inspirational"


People have called her muscle bulk “inspirational”Credit: TikTok
One video was captioned "age ain't no excuse not to be fit!"


One video was captioned “age ain’t no excuse not to be fit!”Credit: TikTok

In her latest video, she posted two selfies showing her before and after bulking season.

In the first selfie of her latest Tik Tok, she’s sporting bright pink hair and is flexing her slim collarbone.

She captioned the video: “The difference between shredded and bulking season,”

In the second photo, her hair is bleached blonde and she’s covered up a bit more.

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In both of the selfies in her video, Carrie is glowing and clearly proud of her healthy physique.

Her followers were quick to comment on her photos.

One said: “Incredibly beautiful !”

Fans are stunned that Carrie is able to find time to work out alongside her day job.

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Showing off her huge muscles, she said: “Work all day. Still train at night. No excuses.”

Carrie doesn’t just work out in the gym – she also takes part in competitions.

She’s made headlines in the past with her saucy photos showing off her ripped physique.

Her followers are amazed by her toned body.

One said: “Train me girl. I can’t even walk on the treadill without my heart rate going 160 after 5 minutes.”

Carrie was quick to respond, offering genuine advice to her follower about fitness.

In a recent Instagram post, she dolled up for a night at the pub with her husband and was inundated with praise.

Fans said that the loved-up couple looked “marvelous.”

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In another touching post, she revealed how she spent a night watching the Idaho Fall Spud Kings.

And, Carrie has also shared heartwarming family moments with thousands of her Instagram fans.

Carrie shows the difference between bulking and shredding season


Carrie shows the difference between bulking and shredding seasonCredit: TikTok/idahomusclegirl
Carrie refers to herself as a "bodybuilding Grandma"


Carrie refers to herself as a “bodybuilding Grandma”Credit: TikTok