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In the simplest terms, a healthy lifestyle is a way of living that reduces your risk of becoming seriously ill or reduces your life expectancy. Although we cannot prevent all diseases, many serious illnesses can be prevented by adopting certain types of behavior and avoiding others.

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Non-communicable diseases are the leading cause of mortality worldwide, yet they are conclusively linked to lifestyle factors such as obesity, physical activity, smoking and poor diet. Heart disease, stroke and lung cancer together account for one-third of all deaths annually in high-income countries, with tobacco use cited as the greatest self-imposed risk to health.

One recent large meta-analysis showed that individuals who adopted an unhealthy lifestyle including smoking, tobacco use, excessive alcohol consumption, lack of exercise, and unhealthy diet had a 66% higher risk of mortality than those who adopted at least four healthy behaviors.

However, a healthy lifestyle is not only concerned with the avoidance of illness and death, it is also about improving aspects of social, mental and physical well-being in order to enjoy more aspects of life for longer.

What are the essential features of a healthy lifestyle?

One large-scale prospective cohort study conducted in the United States analyzed the health behaviors of approximately 120,000 adults across a thirty-year period and used this information to understand how lifestyle factors affected lifespan and the risk of death from non-communicable diseases such as heart disease and cancers. They identified five healthy characteristics:

A healthy diet

A healthy diet involves eating a variety of foods in the correct proportions and consuming a calorie intake that allows for the maintenance of a healthy body weight. Although this varies for everyone, as a general guide this should include:

  • At least five portions of fruit and vegetables per day, which should account for a third of your daily food intake. Evidence has shown that people who meet this requirement are at a lower risk of developing some cancers and heart disease. One meta-analysis found a dose-response relationship between fruit and vegetable intake and disease, with the risk of death from heart disease dropping by 8% per portion of fruit or vegetables consumed daily, up to ten portions, whilst the risk of cancer dropped by 3% per portion.
  • Starchy foods, particularly wholegrain varieties which contain more fiber and nutrients than white varieties. Whole grains have been shown to reduce the risk of several cancers, type 2 diabetes and heart disease and promote healthy gut bacteria.
  • Lean proteins, especially fish, eggs and white meat which are essential for cellular repair and provide a range of vitamins and minerals.
  • Dairy foods and their alternatives, which are a good source of protein and provide calcium.
  • Limited amounts of unsaturated fats.

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Physical activity

The World Health Organisation recommends that all adults should undertake regular physical activity including at least thirty minutes of moderate aerobic activity daily, supplemented by at least two sessions of weight-bearing activity per week. Being physically fit protects against diseases such as cardiovascular disease, some cancers, diabetes mellitus and osteoporosis and aids in the secondary prevention (i.e. the worsening of symptoms) of such disorders.

Healthy body weight

Maintaining a healthy body weight is critical for overall health and protects against numerous diseases. Body mass index (BMI), which is an estimation of body fat calculated using height and weight, can be a useful indicator of whether body weight is healthy. A normal BMI score ranges between 18.5 and 24.9, a score of 25.0 – 29.9 indicates that an individual is overweight and a score of 30+ indicates obesity. BMI score is positively correlated with disease risk, with higher scores indicating an increased risk of several diseases including:

  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Liver disease
  • Hypertension
  • Mood disorders
  • Reproductive disorders
  • Risk of cancers

Being overweight or obese contributes to the development of disease by altering the hormonal and metabolic profile and by placing an increased physical burden on various body sites and organs.

Tobacco use

There is no safe level of tobacco use and smoking behavior, thus the greatest health outcomes are associated with having never smoked.

Approximately eight million people per year die from smoking-related diseases, with approximately 70% of all cases of lung cancer being directly caused by smoking. It also causes cancer in many other areas of the body including the oesophagus, mouth, throat, pancreas, stomach and liver. Smoking damages the heart tissue and circulation, increasing the risk of coronary heart disease, stroke, vascular disease and myocardial infarction.

Additionally, smoking damages lung tissue, leading to chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder and pneumonia and worsening the symptoms of respiratory disorders.

Moderate alcohol intake

A moderate level of alcohol consumption translates to between one and two drinks per day for men and one drink per day for women. Consuming alcohol above these levels increases the risk of poor health outcomes. For example, over-consumption can raise the levels of triglycerides in the blood, increasing the risk of heart attack and stroke. It can also lead to high blood pressure, cardiomyopathy and cardiac arrhythmia.

Given the role the liver plays in neutralizing toxic substances in the body, it is particularly vulnerable to alcohol. Alcohol-related liver diseases such as fatty liver develops in most individuals who regularly consume excessive levels of alcohol. In serious cases, the cells of the liver become inflamed and die. These are replaced with scar tissue, leading to cirrhosis of the liver, an irreversible disease eventually resulting in death if untreated.


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Nutritional tips for a healthy lifestyle – WAGM – WAGM


March is National Nutrition Month. In this week’s Medical Monday, Kathy McCarty has tips to get your health on the right track.

Eating a balanced, healthy diet and staying physically active, helps reduce the risks of cancer and other health issues. That’s according to Registered Dietitian Angel Hebert.

“Choose more whole foods more often than your processed foods. So your whole foods are gonna be foods such as your fruits, your vegetables, your whole grains, lean proteins, and low-fat dairy. Your processed foods are gonna be higher in salt and sugar and fat as well,” says Angel Hebert, Registered Dietitian with Northern Light A.R. Gould Hospital.

Healthier choices are found on the perimeter of the grocery store, rather than the inner aisles where processed foods tend to be sold. She says to limit portions.

Hebert says, “Choose smaller bowls and plates to eat from, because there’s only so much food that you can put on that plate, and it also gives the illusion that you’re eating a lot more than you actually are. And if you’re still hungry after cutting back on your portions, you can go back for another helping of a non-starchy vegetable, such as broccoli, spinach, salad, because these are low in calories but they’re also very high in fiber which helps keep you fuller for longer.”

Physical activity is also a factor.

“It’s recommended to have a hundred fifty minutes of physical activity each week or 30 minutes five days a week,” says Hebert.

Hebert says some exercise is better than none at all. She suggests focusing on small, achievable goals, which can lead to a healthier lifestyle. For more information, contact your health care provider. Kathy McCarty, NewsSource 8


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Yoga shows way to sustainable, healthy lifestyle: President Kovind – Hindustan Times

Observing that there is a need to restore balance between human beings and nature through sustainable efforts, as the world moves to attain progress through science and technology, President Ram Nath Kovind on Sunday said yoga shows the way to a sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

“As the world moves to attain progress through science and technology, there is a need to restore the balance between human beings and nature through sustainable efforts. Yoga shows the way to a sustainable and healthy lifestyle in alignment with the natural environment,” he said.

Kovind delivered a message on the occasion of unveiling the initiative of ‘Yoga for Unity and Well-being’ of Heartfulness Institute (Shri Ram Chandra Mission) and others.

The event was held virtually.

The concept of health according to yoga goes beyond physical well-being, he said.

Yoga is an approach to holistic well being which include physical and mental fitness, he said.

It’s benefits lead to freedom from psychological stress and bodily ailments, resulting in a high level of positive energy.

It is also a path to spiritual calmness, he said.

Yoga is not associated with any religion, region or people, but belongs to the entire world and all of humanity, he said.

Yoga is a great science of spirituality which is acknowledged as India’s gift to the world and its universal appeal is grounded in its universal benefits, he added.

This is the reason why India’s proposal to observe June 21 as the International Day of Yoga moved in the UN General Assembly had received prompt and overwhelming response across nations, the President said.

The UN resolution specifies that Yoga is beneficial for the health of the world population, he said.

Recalling the great enthusiasm with which the first International Day of Yoga was celebrated all over the world in 2015, he said he personally felt the unifying effect of Yoga when he celebrated the International Day of Yoga in 2018 in Surinam.

The President of Surinam and he performed ‘asanas’ together in the presence of a large number of people, he said.

They demonstrated tremendous enthusiasm for Yoga, he said.

He appreciated the collaborative effort of the UN Information Centre, Patanjali Yogpeeth, Shri Ram Chandra Mission and others who are steering the initiative.

He expressed confidence that the programme would succeed in its noble objectives and reach the unifying message of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ across the world.

Yoga guru Baba Ramdev, Kamlesh Patel (Daaji) of Heartfulness and others spoke at the event.

Yoga for unity is a 100-day yoga programme that will lead up to the celebrations of the International Day of Yoga 2021, the Heartfulness Institute said in a release here.

Through the Yoga for Unity and Well-being platform, Heartfulness Institute unifies traditional and authentic yoga schools to unveil 100 Days of Yoga series to promote a healthy lifestyle, it said.

Yoga practice sessions and classes would be conducted on social media platforms free of cost under the initiative, it said.

The event is supported by the Ministry of Ayush, the UN Information Centre- UNIC India & Bhutan, Yoga for harmony and Peace, and the Association of Indian Universities, the release said.

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Let’s Celebrate a Healthy Lifestyle Together During the Walk With Me, Be Drug Free Event – Prescott eNews

The Walk With Me, Be Drug Free event at Mortimer Farms on Saturday, March 27th, is an annual celebration to raise awareness about the fact that the majority of people in our county are drug free. This celebration is hosted every year by MATFORCE, an anti-drug organization that educates and raises awareness about substance abuse issues.

As part of our broader Stand With Me, Be Drug Free positive messaging campaign, the Walk With Me event is the culmination of activities surrounding a week of awareness regarding the positive aspects of staying healthy and choosing not to use drugs. It will be held Saturday, March 27th from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm at Mortimer Farms in Dewey. The Farm Park will be open to all families and community members. And a 1-mile Family Fun Walk starts at 10:00 am. There will also be a face painter, balloon animal artist, hot chocolate, and more.

The Stand With Me, Be Drug Free campaign was born from an idea of a long-time MATFORCE volunteer who pointed out that the majority of people in our county are drug free. And furthermore, that we should be purposefully celebrating that fact to help promote a healthy lifestyle for everyone.

This year we are adding our annual Youth Poster Contest to the list of activities to participate in during the weeklong celebration. Yavapai County youth ages 5 to 18 are encouraged to create original artwork with an anti-drug message for a chance at a $250 grand prize. There are lots of chances for youth to win cash prizes. Deadline for entry is Friday, April 2nd. Visit matforce.org/youth for more details.

For more information about the Stand With Me, Be Drug Free campaign, the Walk With Me event, or the Youth Poster Contest visit matforce.org, call (928) 708-0100, or email info@matforceaz.org.

Celebrity Nutritionist Natasha Kanade Unlocks The 5 Key Aspects Of Living A Healthy Lifestyle – Influencive

The most priceless investment one can make is on health and wellness. It won’t be wrong to say that the human body is a priceless possession, and one must take utmost care of it. Proper nutrition, a workout plan and a sound sleeping pattern are the essential ingredients to make life worth living. Imbibing by these daily life patterns require discipline and dedication. If not, medicines are the conventional treatment for any health issue, but the underlying health problems remain. It is important to have a holistic approach towards life and that involves working for the overall development – the physical, mental and spiritual aspect of life.

With an extra push of motivation, celebrity nutritionist and lifestyle coach, Natasha Kanade sheds light on the key aspects of living a healthy lifestyle. Her online health and fitness portal, www.transformwithnatasha.com is a one-stop health centre for weight management & lifestyle management programs. Her belief in the 5 key to healthy life grew with her experience in her career as a nutritionist. And guess what? It has done wonders with her clients to meet the fitness goals. “Be it weight loss or muscle gain, making basic changes in the lifestyle can bring significant changes”, states Natasha.

So what is the 5 key to a healthy life? Let’s take a proper understanding from the expert herself. Below are the 5 key aspects to live a healthy lifestyle as suggested by Natasha Kanade.

1) Balanced diet – Some diets put you on low carb intake and some on high fat and high protein intake. But it is essential to understand that a balanced diet is a combination of all your nutrients in the right quantity. The right diet is one that comprises all the nutritional needs of an individual for maximum health benefits. The goal may be weight loss or weight gain, but eating healthy to achieve a certain goal should be the priority.

2) Exercise – Not only does exercising make you lose weight but also makes you happy. Yes, you heard it right. Exercising can increase the production of endorphins, which are known to help produce positive and happy feelings. You tend to feel refreshed and it reduces any kind of a pain in the body.

3) Adequate water intake – We all know how important water is to the human body, but do we really know how much? Believe it or not, studies suggest that the human body is about 60 per cent water. It protects your tissues, spinal cord, joints and flushes out toxins from the body. It is important for maximum physical performance and it aids in digestion. A fun fact is that adequate water also helps you lose weight. The celebrity nutritionist is sure that after knowing about it, everyone will increase their water intake.

4) Good sleep – Now when we suggest good sleep, we don’t mean to take breaks all day and become lethargic. Natasha suggests that good 8 hours of night sleep is essential for the mind and body. Sleep plays a vital role in the human body and overall well-being. It protects your mental and physical health. Good sleep is as important as eating right and exercising. Sleep controls our metabolism and weight. It even helps prevent health disorders and boost immune function.

5) Stress management – Consistent stress increases your heart rate and leads to elevated levels of stress hormone and blood pressure. This can take a great toll on the body. It can have a serious negative impact on your immune function and brain health. To break the hold of stress has on your life, it is important to adapt stress management strategies. One can be happier, healthier and more productive with fewer levels of stress. Exercising, meeting your loved ones and spending more quality self-care time can help to manage stress.

To sum it up, Natasha Kanade emphasizes the need for including these 5 key aspects to living a healthy life. “All it needs is the motivation and that is something which comes from within”, concluded Natasha. If you are looking to transform your life for good, visit www.transformwithnatasha.com and see the miracles and positive changes that happen in the human body. To know more about her, visit her social media page ‘TransformWithNatasha’ for all the health and fitness updates.

5 Ways for Over 50s to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle – PharmiWeb.com

American Fork, Utah, United States, March 9 2021 (Wiredrelease) Tork Media LLC –:If you passed that magical 50th birthday, you are to be congratulated and it is during our sixth decade when we actually have to make an effort to stay in shape. For a lucky few, it doesn’t seem to matter what kind of lifestyle they lead, they always manage to stay at the same weight, but for the rest of us, it can be an uphill battle to maintain a level of fitness.

Here are just a few ideas on how you can maintain a healthy lifestyle in your 50s.

Take Up Cycling – Why not invest in a mountain bike? There’s little that can beat an early morning 20km ride through the countryside, which sets you up for the day and when you arrive home in the evening, another ride will give you all the essential exercise for the day. Many semi-retired people ride daily, which is a very pleasant way to exercise and if you increase the riding distance gradually, you will become fitter. If you have a mountain bike, you can explore the off-road trails and with a little searching online, you can discover places you didn’t know existed and enjoy the beauty that natures possesses. Enlist the Help of a Personal Trainer – If you invested in a 20-hour program with a personal trainer, he or she will help you to create suitable fitness goals, while also preparing the right diet and exercise regime, which you should follow. After the 20 hours is up, you have your diet plan and your exercise routine that you can do without the help of the fitness professional, who set the routine according to your fitness level. Eating a Balanced Diet – Your diet should include fresh, organic fruit and vegetables, with enough carbohydrates, essential vitamins and minerals that you need in order to remain healthy. Many over 50s take a daily vitamin and mineral supplement, which is a good idea if you think your diet is lacking in any way, while others take aspirin, which thins out the blood and is often recommended for the over 50s. As we age, our state of health is in slow decline and you should take out Rabbit Care, which will assist you with medical bills. Take Up a Sport – There are many sports and if you play one that you enjoy, this is sure to keep your in good shape. It might be golf, tennis or even badminton; something that you enjoy playing and if you have friends that also like to play, you can make a social event out of it. Playing a sport is much more fun than working out and as you become more competent a player, the enjoyment level increases and you are motivated further to continue playing. Click here for information about the Almac Group, who have recently opened a research and development centre. Experience Yoga – This mystical eastern discipline is really taking off in the west, as it offers spiritual, mental and physical development and if you suffer with anxiety, the meditation side of yoga could be very helpful. There are numerous forms of yoga – searching the Internet will give you more information – and you can follow the step-by-step videos on YouTube, which are free and can be rewound and watched as many times as you wish. Yoga tones all of your muscles, as you must hold specific poses for a period of time, which is much harder than it sounds. If you would like to join a yoga course, you can book a virtual session, whereby you communicate with the instructor via a video call. This is the best way to beat the lockdown, as you can keep fit without having human contact and many people take advantage of virtual fitness classes.

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Tips to create a healthy lifestyle – WPIX 11 New York

Perhaps best known for her starring in AMC’s “Halt and Catch Fire,” actress Kerry Bishé told PIX11 all about her new role in the Jack Black-produced film “Happily.”

The comedy-meets-thriller film centers around a couple who, after 14 years of marriage, discover their friends are resentful of their constant PDA. Joel McHale co-stars as Biché’s character’s husband.

Nutrition course offers the guide to a healthy lifestyle – Inside NoVA

The Powell Wellness Center is offering a guiding hand on the path to a healthy lifestyle and diet through a comprehensive six-week online nutrition program. Integrative dietitian nutritionist Jena Savadsky Griffith at Powell Wellness Center in Culpeper will host a 6-week online nutrition program that is open to everyone.

Griffith will oversee the Nutrition RX program, which will be held 5 p.m. every Tuesday from March 16-April 20. Participants will learn what foods and lifestyle practices offer the most nourishment and optimum energy so their body can release unwanted pounds. 

As the coronavirus affects individuals with chronic health conditions, Griffith explained that “this is the time to get healthy.” For anyone who does not think they have time to change their habits, she has seen people morph their lifestyles within two weeks. 

Griffith explained that studies have shown eating habits have become 30% worse during the pandemic. When some restaurants closed, she noted that fast food remained available, which was unfortunate as “taste buds had already been hijacked by processed food manufacturers.” To top it off, she noted that many people decreased time spent working out or going outside while alcohol consumption increased. 

In America, she added that 88% of individuals are metabolically unhealthy. A recent study, she added, found that the vast majority of individuals hospitalized with the coronavirus had at least two chronic health conditions. 

Griffith said the virtual program will not be dominated by boring PowerPoint presentations, but it will instead center around group discussions. She explained that the course is meant to help people understand what a healthy lifestyle is and to use the lessons as a springboard to permanently change the way they eat and live. 

“I want people to understand this as a lifestyle,” she said. “This is for people ready to take control of their health.”  

Griffith explained that nutrition is not everything on the road to health, but a healthy diet of whole foods is a good foundation. A useful tip in getting started, she said, is to generally stay on the outer edges of the grocery store and rarely venture to the inner aisles. 

The class, which costs $225 to join, is an opportunity to establish healthy habits that improve wellness and resilience. Anybody can join, even after the March 16 start date, and there is a discount price for Powell Wellness Center members. Inquiries regarding the program may be addressed to Griffith at jsgriffith@culpeperwellness.org. To register, contact the Powell Wellness Center at 540-445-5406.

Get a jump start on a healthy lifestyle for National Nutrition Month – WDIV ClickOnDetroit

It’s National Nutrition Month, and if you’ve been considering switching to a healthier lifestyle, now is a great time to make the leap. Luckily, Live In The D’s nutrition and fitness expert Jody Trierweiler is here to help you figure out where to begin.

Trierweiler said that the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics recommends you break down March into weekly goals to help you stick to a healthy diet.

Week 1: Eat a variety of foods daily

Try to incorporate all the food groups at every meal. Get creative! Add some veggies in with a morning omelet to help round out breakfast.

Week 2: Plan your meals each week

Have everyone at home make a list of their five favorite healthy foods, and turn that into your grocery list. Once you have everything you can use it as a building block for your meal prep.

Week 3: Share meals as a family, and try new foods

Pick up something new from the store, and check out recipes online on how to use them! This is a chance to try out new flavors and find out what you like. Plus, with all the unique recipes available online, you’ll have plenty of new dishes to try your hand at.

For more tips from Jody on how to get started on a healthy lifestyle, watch the video above.