Parents, students combating back-to-school anxiety | News | – WSMV Nashville

NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) – After a year both in and out of the classroom, experts say many students will have to learn how to adjust to the new school year.

Kendra Davis is preparing for her daughter’s first year of school.    

She is going to be a little bit nervous, but I feel like she is definitely prepared for school,” Davis stated. 

While attending pre-k at The Goddard School, her daughter has been able to get familiar with the classroom setting.  

Although she’s having jitters about finally entering elementary school, experts say a year of COVID has also caused anxiety for a lot of children returning to school.   

“If we don’t find a way to combat these issues now it is only going to get worse,” said Nikol Cook, licensed professional school counselor and teacher.   

“You have those kids that have declined academically when going back to school. You have those kids who have done very well virtual, and now they are anxious because they could be coming back to school and not do as well as they did before.”  

Cook says combating back-to-school anxiety starts with acknowledgment. 

“Parents let your children know that this is a rough time, but hey baby we are going to make it,” said Cook. 

Professionals at The Goddard School encourage getting your child familiar with their new schedule to prevent anxiousness.   

“They already have the confidence behind them. They are just adjusting to a new social setting, and they already have those tools to be confident in a new environment and to explore… and to learn,” said Kara Brumley, onsite owner of The Goddard School. 

 As the summer comes to an end, Davis is hopeful for a positive year.    

 “I think that’s going to be an adjustment for all the kids,” she said.