How to deal with anxiety? – DW (English)

Women and young people in particular have been affected.

Social anxiety in the time of Covid

In 2020, Kerstin had just overcome her social anxiety with therapy. But then came the lockdown. Now she has to practice socializing to overcome her fears all over again.


What happens in the body when we’re scared?

No matter if we’re actually in a threatening situation or merely frightened, the same reactions occur in the body every time we’re afraid.


Stomachache caused by stress

Children and teens often react to anxiety or stress with physical symptoms such as stomachaches or headaches. How should parents best handle them?


Hypochondria: The fear of being terminally ill
An ache in the stomach or a slight headache are usually nothing to worry about. But for hypochondriacs, such physical symptoms often trigger fears of serious or even terminal illness.

Using VR technology to treat anxiety

In therapy to treat anxiety, a very important aspect of successful treatment is called “exposure,” or facing one’s fears. Virtual-reality technology offers patients the chance to confront their fears in a safe environment.

Hyperventilation: Have we forgotten how to breathe?

“Just take a deep breath.” It’s well-intentioned advice for stress that many have heard. And it’s true: Breathing can be an effective tool in reducing stress. But, “how” is important.

Fitness exercise: Stretches in a sitting position

Fitness instructor Aurelia Damann shows you how you can stretch the back of your legs in almost any location.


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